Allmen and the dahlias of Martin Suter Review

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In January 2011 was established “Allmen International Inquiries”, a small, fine, thoughtful discretion private investigation, which focuses on the recovery of precious objects of all kinds. The high-sounding company name suggests global acting, as well as the website promises much: “The Art of tracing kind.” But such marketing skills it requires even, if you look into the fine niche market of, say, boxing> unofficial ‘art trade and wants to assert itself there permanently. And already the team (Friedrich Carlos and the new employee María Moreno von Allmen,) receives a discrete order, namely solve a painting theft.

Gone is the famous still life “Dahlias, 1872” by Henri Fantin-Latour, a contemporary of the Impressionists. Until three days ago it hung in the bedroom of a true grand dame whose name adorns still the list of the one hundred richest people in the world: Dalia Gutbauer. Once the heir of an industrial enterprise turbulent years spent on the stage of the jet set, but now she lives quietly in a suite at the Schlosshotel in Zurich on the lake.

The luxury hotel is one of her own and has its best years behind it, just like her owner. Dalia is late instructed by early help: You need a frame to get around, at least in their care room, she needs a staff for their personal hygiene, and in all organizational matters, they must rely on their private secretary Cheryl Talfeld. Her former bedroom, she can not use more; yet they can fix up there every day fresh, it holds but many fond memories.

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But a few days ago that for years standing in faithful service maid to Spain had to travel to visit his sick mother, and thanks to that fact did not notice right away that the Fantin-Latour was no longer hanging in place.

< p> The precious floral splendor of oil colors had once worshiped a lover Dalia as a gift. As he was but comes into its possession forbids still the most direct route to a loss to the police …

So that’s why Ms has turned Talfeld on behalf of their boss confidentially to “Allmen International Inquiries” and so is Mr. von Allmen for a personal appointment at the Nobel Hotel representations. But immediately after his first impressions and a brief description of the situation it is clear that it is So outpatient stuck. After consultation with Carlos, he decides to go in medias res and to take one of the suites – which is likely to be victims than lure. The dilapidated building rooms are musty, the Biedermeier strips of upholstered furniture fired, frayed the seat and backrest, the elderly furniture is repelled, and at the high double bed sits a mountain of dusty velvet cushion.

Mr Velcro man who concierge house, writes for Allmen the names of all suppliers and staff who keep the house in operation. The list is longer than the paying guests. For years, the workload decreases and tends rapidly to zero. Only a few permanent guests stay here as Nesthocker.

Carlos outputs the currency to take “las relaciones” the relationships of these gentlemen to each other targeted. And there are shady dealings, crime and love stories to light. Cheryl Talfeld talks out of school: The old Gutbauer even pays for one or the other regular guest accommodation and lodging; she keeps it as a kind of “trophy” for triumphs, they still like savors.

Much more must not be betrayed, because the plot of this third Allmen thrillers is already a thin filaments, plain and easy to follow. The voltage curve remains flat; there yawns even one of the characters in the novel very “unladylike” and their apologetic “Stufa” ( “I’m bored”) could go even some reader entfleuchen.

I must confess that I Martin Suter’s protagonists, the nonchalant playboy von Allmen, after the first two volumes was a little lapse and had sat expectantly feverishly on a date in the latest novel. If I drop the rose-colored glasses, but unfortunately I have to admit that the reunion rather disappointing. Still, the author shines with its well-kept, charming, urbane style of speech. Its delicate humor caricatures the Swiss nostalgia without hurting her. The run-down hotel is as far removed from his Nimbus as the unrigged members of the glitterati with diamond-studded glasses, Chanel suit and maintenance stage of its former appeal. It reads nice, does not leave any permanent damage, is soon forgotten.

The problem is that mainly Allmens carries the narrative character, less the peaceful plot. add more airs the molded in previous novels character, without being to own caricature, is noticeably a balancing act for the author. Tailored suits made of fine thread, on any week day an egg in another preparation, the casual use of the filthy lucre, so that Mr. von Allmen now less in the bank account than his servant Carlos, every centime turns twice – how often do you enable repeat what you can still safely stacked on top of it?

a clever way to Martin Suter leveled by creating María Moreno as “new”. Motivated is easy because Allmen loves holding staff and Carlos women. But the potential opened up there! Just a few light-hearted pages are filled again, and the third member, the author wins even room for an excellent cliffhanger! Thus, the next “Allmen and …” already laid down on.

Well, those marketing skills it requires even, if you look into the fine niche market of, say,> Leckermäulchen <-Kriminalliteratur has boxed and wants to claim there permanently.

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