The Murder of Martin Luther King and the murder of Malcom X

Im writing this paper to illustrate and show the four defining moments of the 1960’s That had a big impact on the world.And how each moment led to the next.The four that I chose were Thurgood Marshall the activist thatwas appointed to the U.S supreme court.The Murder of Martin Luther King Jr. and the murder of Malcom X and the Murder of Medgar Evans the Civil rights activist.Standing up for African americans and And African americans rights is what put a target on the back of these civil rights activist.

In the 1960’s black people were not allowed to have a voice.And if they spoke up it was seen as a injustice.Because of their courage to speak up change begin to happen starting with a well known civil activist Thurgood Marshall being appointed to the supreme court.

He was nominated by President Johnson because he wanted to show the african american people a ittle bit of good faith.

In 1968 Martin Luther King Jr Was murdered after his I Have A Dream speech.In Reponse to this tragedy In 1968 President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act.This Meant Martin Luther King Jr’s death was not in vain.With the appointe of Thurgood Matshall this sent a sign and a threat to the KKK and White supremacist.That that americans were taking a stand and that a change is coming.And this threat is what deemed Martin Luther King Jr a Target.

The African American Civil Rights leader Medgar Evans Was shot in 1963 by Byron De La Beckwith in his driveway.

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Byron De lA Beckwith was said to be a white supremacist.Medgar evers worked at the NAACP as a fieldworker.Evers was also very helpful pocurring evidence and witnesses for the Emmitt Till Case.Which was brought to National Attention when Till who was a 14 year old young African American who was accused of whistling and Flirting with a white lady.At this time African Americans were in the midst of fighting for equal rights.Beckwith went to trial and the jury was deadlocked and failed to reach a verdict .Years later in 1994 at the age of 73 Beckwith was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

A Historical African American figure Malcolm X was murdered on Feb 21,1965 He was known to be outspoken which caused him to be a threat to the KKK.Which is a group that Beckwith also belonged to.Malcolm and his family were forced to move from home by the KKK.A white supremacist group also murdered his father called the Black Legion.Malcolm was a advocate for African Americans.On February 14,1965 his home was bombed.He was shot by a member of the nation of islam 21 times.Its was said that Elijah Muhammad was becoming to powerful and wanted him out of the Nation of Islam.Elijah Muhammad has denied any involvement with the murder.

Thurgood Marshall was appointed to the supreme court in 1967.Marshall was identified as a civil Rights activist like Medgar Evans and Malcolm X.He was in thr Civil Right movement to end segregation.Thurgood Marshall was a judge and a lawyer who worked on the historic Brown vs Brown Case.Thurgood was replced in 1991 by Justice Clarence when he decided to retire.Edgar ,Macolm x and MLK helped African Americans to have a voice and equal rights.

Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated on April 4,1968 after his historical I Have A Dream Speech.MLK was assassinated by a gunshot at the age of 39.In the aftetmath of the assassination their was mourning and rioting.This being witnessed by President this being witnessed by President Johnson .He asked the congress to psh through the civil rights act of 1968.President Johnson that his would help stop the violence and rioting due to Martin Luther Kings Assasination.Martin Luther King had worked for the tights of African Americans since the 1950’s.He always promoted peace not violence and wanted everyone to juist get along.Similar to the deaths of Medgar Evans and Malcolm X.This helped the growth of the Black Panther Party and the Black Power Movement.Martin Lurher King will always be known as the Face and leader of the civil rights era.


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The Murder of Martin Luther King and the murder of Malcom X
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