Delicacies by Martin Walker Review

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The Scottish author Martin Walker has transferred his residence a few years ago to the French Périgord. All that he has learned there appreciate, he lets into his detective series by Benoît “Bruno” Courrèges, the Chef de Police of the fictitious village of Saint-Denis, incorporated: a tranquil, idyllic landscape; friendly people, where evil is foreign; the savoir vivre with delicious wines, fresh vegetables, wild game from the region. The variations of the recipes are inexhaustible, and a foie gras heard here on the table as the daily bread.

Although almost the entire world production of this specialty is produced here (and in Alsace), the small family farms generate around Saint-Denis so that only an income that is just enough time to survive. Because worldwide disapprove of many people, like this delicious delicacy is produced: namely by geese and ducks force-fed specifically about their last three to four weeks ( “stuffed”) are until their liver multiples given their normal weight suddenly one night is falling concrete disaster to poultry farmers and threatens the ideal world of the region.

As a group of animal rights activists emerges, tear down the fences and free the tortured in his captivity poultry. In leaflets they leave their demands and calling for foie gras -Boykott. The frightened, chattering geese waddle in closed throng wild through the village and block with their exodus, the access roads.

At the same time encounters in an archaeological site, a mixed-European group of students with their German professor in a most remarkable human bones.

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Their dating reveals that they are 33,000 years old, that come from the era in which the Neanderthals for unknown reasons adopted from the evolution and the Homo sapiens the field left.

And one more hit. pending: in a few days, a summit meeting between the French and Spanish interior ministers will take place at the nearby Chateau de Campagne. The highest security level is called for, because they fear an attack by the Basque ETA group. Carlos Gambara, deputy head of the Anti-Terror Branch, has already arrived and takes over the supervision of all preparatory measures. Soon the threat takes serious shape, as stolen in an old quarry and dynamite perpetrated on Gambara a bomb attack.

Suddenly Bruno is needed on multiple fronts. In dealing with the animal rights activists he must smooth out with sensitivity the waves. Known that he liked even takes the law into their own hands and act in terms of his villagers, Bruno does damage control, always menschelnd and understanding. Unfortunately, he gets exactly because of its nonchalant style with the new District Court judge into trouble: Annette Meraillon is not only feminist but also vegetarian with hard green trends. Nevertheless, she likes to take part in car rallies, which is why her first appearance in Saint-Denis highly embarrassing device. After almost umnietet with their dented and scratched Peugeot and overspeed mother, with two children, village policeman Bruno will probably be able to push hardly sleep … the beginning of a cramped cooperation.

The DNA of the Swatch-carrier unveiled along with other details that he was hingerichtetet than twenty years more. The search for the killer leads to well branched paths up to Germany in time and environment of the RAF. In the further course of action, there is a kidnapping, and many old friend Bruno turns out to end up being not as harmless Périgordin.

Despite his demanding deployment takes Bruno still some time for the fair sex. At the moment he has a loose relationship with an Englishwoman, but really attracted he still feels to Isabelle, his old flame. She’s climbing up the corporate ladder, is now one of the tightest security cordon of the Minister and is now arrived for their special mission from Paris to Saint-Denis.

Of course, the culinary delights that make the French daily come, even in this novel not to short. Paté with onion jam about as a suggestion … let’s see if I can surprise my guests soon with this entrée (perhaps not with foie gras as a starting material). (The accompanying recipes, however, are missing from the book.)

You can in reading such novels regionally verorteter understand already what the Scots Martin Walker seduced or Frankophilismus made the American Donna Leon to Venetian. And protagonist Bruno Courrèges has developed after only four episodes to a personality that one connects firmly with its author as Commissario Brunetti with Donna Leon and his colleagues Montalbano Andrea Camilleri.

Carrying On many ways Martin Walker’s novels so enjoyable to relax in, but remain and harmless the surface. Their language is comfortable and fluid, the plot easy to follow and varied, for small and large crimes – also with a political background – are mixed together; on personalities and carnage Walker omitted. Some relationships are something constructed over.


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