Black Diamonds by Martin Walker Review

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It’s amazing again how convincing “newcomers” are able, the local color to convey an area authentic – think of the American Donna Leon and her Venice thrillers. Another expert of this subject is the Scot Martin Walker, the (previously three) takes us into his thrillers to Périgord.

One of the most expensive ingredients of an exclusive menu for gourmets include truffles, the “black diamond”. Martin Walker I learn that they are better than looking with trained dogs with truffle pigs and that an accumulation of flies on old oak trees a sure-fire indication of the precious treasure in the earth.

Already the cover – a pan filled with black truffles, along with a more closed wine bottle – makes me a on a book full of delicacies.

However, speculation and fraud dampen the first cravings for refined with grated truffles food.. For how can I determine a layman, if I do not serve a blend with Chinese truffles? Hercule, the top truffle expert, is Bruno, Chief of Police to keep a tip on market day eyes open.

There, not everything goes right things.

Christmas is coming soon, and thus is also the season for hunting. Bruno, Hercule and a few other men who indulge in this passion, plan a trip to the infirmary. The meeting point is a perch in the woods. Hardly have the dogs left the Jeep, they behave unusually restless and lead Bruno and his group to a tree. There you Hercule including hunting dog has hanged. Brutal handcuffed, dislocated shoulders, cut his throat, pulled out his tongue, he died a painful death.

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As a result, gets Martin Walker’s novel, a political note, because we dive in the research to Hercules life into a dark chapter of French history: in Indochina and Algeria Hercule was for the French as a high-ranking secret agent, a so-called barbouze , active. He received the Croix de Guerre and was a member of the Legion of Honor.

First, Bruno knows little about Hercules adventurous past. In his apartment to books, records, documents, including notes about internment in Vietnam stack. Hercule fought on the side of the Vietnamese. So, how has now killed him, then traitors were hanged … Who likes him killed so?

After the war, many Vietnamese fled to France and built themselves because over the years new existences and shops – not all were legal. At the same time many Chinese immigrated and pursued the same goals. Conflicts of interest were inevitable, and the age-old enmity between the Chinese Triads and the Vietnamese mafia led to a brutal power struggle over drug trafficking, human trafficking, child prostitution and extortion; murderous arson attacks were a sensational means of settling differences. And Bruno, the simple investigators from the country is, deep down, because Hercule had connections in all directions. A totally thrilling, exciting thriller, which also motivated me about the role of the French in Indochina and the occupation in Algeria read.

in addition to the political issue to me is the characterization of the protagonist Bruno liked. Impressive as it appears in the most dangerous operations his man; as a policeman but he cares very caring for his fellow man. With open ears, he takes their needs true: A sawmill is closed, men lose their jobs, families must be limited financially strong. He saves a child who has fallen into a septic tank, it takes time for the youth and trained them in the rugby match – and he is of course an excellent gourmet chef. Pamela, an attractive woman, he does not want to miss. A completely successful novel that shows us not only the surface of the beautiful tourist Perigord and its culinary thrill, but goes deeper, has far more to say.

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