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Located in the tunnel is the Intercity Zurich-Basel to a halt. The passengers – mostly financial jugglers in dark business suits who wish to quickly home to a rich working in the financial center Zurich – are annoyed: “a disgrace … there are other methods such that do not mess up your evening from a few hundred non-depressives.. ” Once again

had jumped one from the train, a “personal injury”. A video journalist on his way to a charity event pulls out his camera pans through the dining car, captures sound bites, holds the irritable mood firmly.

The Tamil waiter explains such incidents give it more often. “Such a good life, as it would be the Swiss, just unbearable.”

This freezing chamber play presents us Martin Suter before the protagonist of his brilliant new novel. No, he does not mean Allmen, but Jonas fire, is 38 and a moderately committed journalist for a public lifestyle magazine. For fund-raising party in Basel he’s late, the batteries are almost exhausted, from the report how celebrities “gather with much fanfare not so much money,” will probably again not a blockbuster, and even the fragmentary material from the tunnel he puts once raw on ice.

two months later (just before Christmas), we see Jonas Brand still as happy man. This is due to Marina Ruiz, who works at an event agency. At the pretty from Zurich (large, Asian facial features, shoulder-length hair), he developed an unprecedented, spontaneous trusting affection. Free of the liver away he told her about his true dream, a film project, which is also due to lack of donors in six years on ice.

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It is a modern version of the “Count of Monte Cristo”: A young nouveau riche, passes through a dot-com startup quickly to wealth, crashes into deepest misery when they smuggled him in Thailand drugs to tourists luggage and languish he years in prison must , Meanwhile sell his business partners in the home the company and live off the proceeds of the high life. Finally Montecristo manages to escape. With new identity surgically transformed and he returns and takes revenge on the villain …

Now take Jonas Brands fate his breath-taking run. After Dominosteinchen principle developed Martin Suter in a sophisticated way the action transition that leaves his hero times, appear as Lucky Jack, sometimes as one who set out to teach us to fear.

Nor can he believe the favor of fate smile at him when he wants to put into the budget book of his Putzhilfe two hundred-franc bills. First, it is in your wallet, the second of a Vietnamese mother goddess, which he had brought from Saigon (we see her smile on the cover) in his particular safe, the statue. The cavity in its interior can be opened by a secret mechanism. Jonas considers the two hundred (not too regular guests in his household), he does not believe his eyes: Both are wearing absolutely identical serial numbers! At least one must therefore be a fake. But his bank manager confirmed the day after the authenticity of both copies – that are unique “collectibles”. One senses beguiling night at Marina completes the winning streak.

When he returned home, Jonas finds his apartment destroyed before. The alarmed police did not take up the case only because Mr. Brand had possibly left the door open. Fortunately, the twin bills lying undiscovered and well protected in the womb of the mother goddess on ice

We dawns’s. Someone wants Jonas to the fur. Only penetrate the unknown into his privacy; little later he is attacked before Marinas door. But Naivling Jonas can imagine no explanation and does not believe in relationships. After all, he confides in a colleague. Max Gantmann, a washed-economic and stock market expert, advises him to “damn good” on the bills and take care of themselves, because such an error – two identical bills – would have the security printing COROMAG never have undermined; now he may be known for anything in public.

Jonas’s curiosity is aroused. he gets an appointment with Adam Dillier, CEO of COROMAG under the pretext of a documentary project ( “Managers in their work and personal environment”). While the man with the proud “license to print money” the nice interviewer the sophisticated security features discussed its products, it puts the his collectibles ago: “How do you explain to our viewers that?” Dillier, must safeguard the wording effort.

As Jonas had, without realizing it, in the midst of a life-threatening wasp nest of gigantic proportions pricked. After the trader Paolo Contini a few months had (the “personal injury” out of the tunnel) before, “gambled away tens of billions” one threatened a major Swiss bank ruin, the financial center of Zurich the discredit of a “banana republic” and the international banking system of destruction. (We know the drill well enough.) So they threw the money-making machine in such a way that it “Doppelzifferungen” – bills that actually had the COROMAG need to shred – secretly brought into circulation. Nobody would have bet a Räppli the “improbable coincidence of several turn of the Highly Improbable” that two identical bills meet in a single and and a comparative look even more appreciated. And now the changing statistical improbability walks in the person of an insignificant journalist in and ventures on a revelation Story

Adam Dillier is on the brink: “The worst case scenario had occurred.” His colleague William Just, CEO of the Swiss bank GCBS, it signals: “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday”. Then the two meet with Jean Seibler, head of the second Swiss bank SIB, and Konrad Stimmler, President of the Swiss Banking Supervision SBA. In the hands of these four men now is (for “Bauer terrine of chicken liver and peppered pork belly” followed by Breton “lobster in gelée with fresh almonds”) the economic welfare of the Confederation, if not the entire world. The rulers of the money economy are determined to mobilize all the defenses to prevent the “Worst Case Scenario” and this end justifies the means. About subtle linkages and networks the arms of these gentlemen go far without it requires your fingertips dirty. To defuse the “time bomb”, there are “specialists” who stop at nothing

Jonas but experienced a temporary high. Suddenly his experiences “Montecristo” -Drehbuch unexpected financial support. He travels to Thailand for further research, gets there, however, quickly in turmoil …

cover-up and conspiracy on the clean Swiss financial center to avert a global catastrophe, it is Martin Suter’s novel. But the rumor that a major bank is undercapitalized, would trigger a few years after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, a scandal that has the potential to ruin the world economy. but as long as the fragile financial system from Fed, IMF, DBB, ECB holds, etc., “we float all continue in the big bubble. And we will move it as gently as possible, because no one wants them to burst.”

Martin Suter’s witty financial thriller seems not far away from the reality that we find candled daily in the media. He gives her only human faces and stories. If the reality of the truth can no longer withstand the makers use just the “lie” to their fiction to get a little longer alive.

Let them all beware take before Martin Suter, the whistleblower from the financial center of Switzerland! He has researched well, competent friends from the inner circle of crisis manager and “too-big-to-fail” Institutions questioned and his findings made in proven elegant, smug style to a perfect conspiracy thriller in its machinery all parts to the smallest cog smoothly mesh.

This book I have on the list Zu my 20 Lieblingsbüchern”

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