My Personal Experience Watching the Count of Monte Cristo and Understanding Its Revenge Theme

Count of Monte Cristo Reflection

Honestly, the first impression I had of the movie was “boring” because when I saw the scenes of the movie, it reminded me of the 17th century when soldiers still wore that red uniform. The hairstyle of the characters was good-fashioned and people still rode on carriages but that impression faded little by little after a while. I started to enjoy watching the film as if I were the actual scenes. The part that I liked the most is the scene where the old man is guiding Edmond to the right path in which he taught Edmond how to use a sword properly and some self-defense mechanics; especially how to read and write.

The most fun part for me is the revenge part where I smiled a lot in each scene because Edmond was taking his revenge one by one on the people who took advantage of him.

Before I give my learnings, I want to summarize the movie first.

The whole story cycled around Napoleon Bonaparte who was exiled in Elba and wanted to redeem his throne as emperor of France. Edmond Dantes who was the second mate of the ship Pharaon accompanied with his “said to be” friend, Fernand Mondego who was the representative of the ship owner, son of Count Mondego stopped by at Elba to seek help for their ill captain, as they were yelling for help the English dragoons seems to not hear it so Edmond shot his gun for them to be seen but the dragoons thought they were invaders so they chased them and amidst of the fight, Napoleon Bonaparte himself shows up.

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Napoleon Bonaparte asked Edmond to deliver some letters to his companions in Paris and he said to Edmond that nobody should know about that letter, while they are busy talking Fernand is eavesdropping on them. Meanwhile, their captain died. After they got bato in Paris, Edmohas was entitled to lead the Captain of Pharaon and planned to marry Mercedes who was his fiancée.

Blessings are pouring on Edmond but on the other hand, angered Danglar the first mate of the ship, and Fernand Mondego who was in love with Edmond’s fiancée so they teamed up to frame Edmond and put him in jail for the benefit that they will be getting because if Edmond was not around Danglar would be the Captain of the ship of course and Fernand Mondego can please Mercedes to marry him. So the two antantagonistsld Villefort the prosecutor at that time that Edmond holds a letter containing the whereabouts of Napoleon and that person who was about to receive that letter is his father Clarion, a Bonapartist. To protect his position and the reputation of his family, Villefort burned the letter, and to hide the fact, he imprisoned Edmond in Chateau d’if.

Edmond, the innocent fellow suffered every day of his life for sixteen years in a four-cornered cell, day by day he traced the passage “God will give me justice” written on the wall until one day he almost lost his will to live but an old man appeared who was digging the floor his entire time in prison. To a surprise, that old man is wise and has good fighting skills which in the later part became Edmond’s teacher, a teacher who taught him to read, write, economics, philosophy, fight, and defend himself. While teaching Edmond, both of them dug and dug until one day they saw a root of a plant which symbolizes that they are near escaping that hellish prison. The tragedy happened, the old man was smashed by boulders of rocks and the old man died most importantly before the old man died he gave the precious treasure map which holds information about an end wealth and treasures to Edmond. Edmond hides in the old man’s burial sack and after just a while, the prison guards brought the sack outside not knowing that it is Edmond who was inside the sack and they threw the sack out to the wide ocean. Edmond manages to escape and was discovered by a group of cheerful smugglers and made a deal with the captain that if he beat the knife thrower he will let Edmond join the crew and he did beat the knife thrower which became his sidekick in the later part. Edmond and the knife thrower bid their farewell to the captain and traveled to the Island of Monte Cristo where the treasure is hidden as marked on the map. After a long search, they saw a bulk of treasure chests and brought them back with them. With that wealth, Edmond became the Count of Monte Cristo to seek revenge and punish those people who made his life miserable, and he heard that Mercedes is married to his former best friend Fernand which made him more furious. The last part of the movie shshowshe “revenge” Edmond on those people who made him suffer.

Revenge is an action that we can all relate to. I think we have all wanted to seek revenge on someone we hate or envy. Revenge is a usual feeling which comes from hatred, envy, or past events that make us want to seek vengeance. The saddest part about revenge is that it can make us do terrible things that may hurt or to the point that it may “kill” other people just like in the movie Count of Monte Cristo. Edmond Dantes is obsessed with seeking revenge since the sufferings and miseries he had gone through were not to be taken lightly becaustheyit threatened and destroyed his life. Let’s say that if they just offended Edmond a little bit, I think Edmond would have let it pass but the thing is, they took the time that Edmond longed for like the time to be with Mercedes, the time to enjoy his life, and the time to make his own family; for that reason, it leads Edmond to seek vengeance that was completely “evil”. I remembered what the old man told Edmond, “use revenge for good”. The thought itself is quite right but to have the idea of revenge is a different story. In the movie, Edmond used his vengeance for good and bad the innocent people’s

time. He removed all the nuisances in his life and lived a good life with his family but the bad thing is the process of removing those nuisances was by killing. The story of The Count of Monte Cristo is all about revenge, no doubt about that.

What comes around goes around, if someone did something rude or bad to us let us always remember the saying “No need for revenge, just sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves and if you’re lucky, God will let you watch”. Seeking vengeance is completely wrong because we don’t know what consequences revenge will bring. It may affect innocent people.

The most suggested method to solve these kinds of problems is to talk because most of the time, talking can resolve everything and if the person still can’t change his/her ways of treating others we shouldn’t worry because in the end he/she will be judged by God. We should always keep in mind the passage written in Romans 12:19, “Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord”.

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