The Revenge of Dantes in The Count of Monte Cristo, a Novel by Alexandre Dumas

During the course of the novel, The Count of Monte Cristo, the main protagonist, Edmond Dantes also known as. The Count of Monte Cristo, gains many new friends and new enemies which will go hand in hand with each other, Gradually as Dantes receives knowledge and education from Abbe Faria his plans for revenge on the men who put him in prison for life for their own selfish reasons becomes more evolved. For example, in such a way that with his new social standing as.

In the Count of Monte Cristo, Dantes’ acquires untold information about each aspect of his enemies lives to his power. With his undisclosed information, Dantes uses the weaknesses and ambitions of his enemies: Danglars, Caderousse, Fernand Mondego, and Villefort to cause them punishment and lead them to their downfall on their own doing. His enemy’s deepest wishes and ambitions are used against them unknowingly by Dantes who is disguised as many different people and trickery of manipulation, he is like a puppeteer who controls his puppets in order to have a good show and a great story.

For instance, Baron Danglars was first mate and a mentor to Dantes when he was a sailor as a young man but yet when Dantes received the position of caption of the Pharon when Danglars was entitled to it, Danglars’ dream of wealth and riches vanished into thin air for he would forever be in Dantes’ shadow. As a result Danglars charged Dantes of treason against the government and he was put in prison for life which gave Danglars the opportunity to become the caption and rise to wealth and become a very powerful business man who starts his own shipping company.

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When Dantes escapes from prison one of his plans for revenge is targeted at Danglars, At the same time, Lucien Debray. Madame Danglars’ secret lover, give information to Danglars on what is the best way to make money and stay wealthier, such as which stocks to invest in or when it is time to buy companies.

“Tell him to sell them at any price,” for the Spanish stocks that Danglars have invested much money in had appeared to be in trouble according to Delray’s misunderstood and confused information, this causes Danglars to lose his most prize possession, his money (Dumas 686). And yet when a very handsome man named Andrea Cavalcanti is announced is interested in Danglars’ daughter, Eugenie, his new idea of almost selling his daughter into marriage for three million francs becomes a main focus for him. Unlike the other enemies of Dantes, Danglars’ revenge is slow and uneventful as the novel progresses for all the harsh punishment for him is the continuation of losing money. Likewise, Caderousse’s weakness was also money but mostly greed of money and treasures. Caderousse did not have much in life but what he did have he kept for himself. Dantes knew this when he becomes the Count and uses it to his ultimate advantage.

When Caderousse receives part of the last remaining will of Edmond Dantes he uses trickery, or so he thinks, to have all the inheritance of a large diamond go to him and not be separated like it was told to be, but if you could help me to distribute the bequest in accordance With the wishes of the departed…” (Dumas 253). When he tried to sell the diamond for more riches, he went beyond the point of insanity to that he murdered his wife and the jeweler so he could have the diamond and the money for himself, “.,.took out his banknotes and the gold…” (Dumas 517). Caderousse’s need for more riches and wealth became so prominent that he even went to the measure to try to rob the Counts house yet was caught and put in jail after confessing to the crime of the murder of his wife and the jeweler.

All in all, Caderousse spent the rest of his in the mist of crime and murder after escaping jail he never found his wealth but the exact opposite. On the other hand, Fernand Mondego who was Dantes best friend did not have greed towards money to the point of insanity but he did value his high ranking position as a Count and his family. Fernand was in love with Mercedes whom was Dantes’ future fiance, this soon escalated into strong jealously toward Dantes for having everything he did not such as Mercedes, a good job as a young captain, and a future planed. Because of his jealousy, Fernand is the main reason for Dantes being put in jail for life for he was the one who wrote the letter telling of Dantes treason. Soon afterwards of Dantes being in jail, Fernand takes everything that was Dantes including Mercedes which caused him to be Dantes first victim of revenge.

As time goes by Fernand has a son and becomes a powerful man and a Count, yet no one knew how exactly he got into the position he did all except for Dames. By the illustration of gaining the trust of Fernands’ son, Albert, more than Fernand had and having Haydee at his side, Dantes slowly makes his way into Fernands’ life in order to take over everything he has or holds close to him. With the help from Haydee, the daughter who was put in slavery because Fernand killed her father in battle, Fernand was accused and found guilty of betrayal and the murder of Ali Pacha who kept peace within his kingdom and the surrounding land. As soon as Mercedes recognizes Dantes, “,..he could detect a tear rising in each of them”, Fernands’ stable family had started to dissolve until it completely fell apart and Mercedes and Albert fled. Naturally, because of these events and secrets told.

Fernandes’ revenge was almost finished. yet before it could end Dantes had to confirm his true self in order for the confirmation of that what comes around goes around and it was just a matter of time before everything was taken away from Fernand like it had been for Dantes for Fernand had taken away his future so he did the same. In the end, Fernand could not take any more of the pain he was caused so he takes his like in reflection of that. In Further enhancement, the one man that could save Dantes from life in prison was too scared for his own social standing and reputation to even think about helping him. This man is called Villefort, the worst revenge that will come about in the novel. Villefort could have easily saved Dantes but as it was in that time, it was all for one’s self. The reason that Dantes was called out for treason is because of a letter that was to be sent to Villefort‘s father who was a Bonapartist.

If society had known that Villefort was in contact with a Bonapartist then he would be shunned and his social standing would be revoked, so in the protection of his job he sentenced an innocent young man to life in prison and he did not lose any sleep over it. This in turn will cause Dantes to view it as his future taken away in reaction to one man’s job. The ultimate revenge for Villefort would be to take his future away and what better way would it be to have his family gone. With help of witnesses, Dantes gains a crucral part to his plan, Villefort’s secret affair with Madame Danglars that ended in a child. “A newborn baby was wrapped in a Child’s fine cambric robe” Benedetto soon started the decline of Villefort‘s happiness. His wife, Madame d’Villefort, had quietly been giving their daughter, Valentine. poison to kill her so that the son would gain all the wealth of the family, Of course, with a kind heart Dantes will save Valentine but not until his revenge is complete.

Once Villefort knows about his wife and the attempt at the death of his daughter, he orders that the wife kill herself in honor, He did not expect that his wife, son, and daughter would be dead at the same time This soon led Villefort to go insane over his family and social standing demolished Dantes revenge is finally finished. In summation, a person‘s deepest ambitions and desires can be held against them to punish them. Throughout The Count of Monte Cristo, Danglars, Caderousse, Fernand, and Villefon‘s deepest secrets and dreams were used as weapons by their own hand, I learned that you can never anticipate revenge, but only try to not give in to it. Aselfish act can lead to troubles down the road in your life. I believe that every character deserved what they received based on what they did to Edmond Dames, You have to be smart in order for revenge to work at its fullest potential and be worth something.

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