“The Time Period” of Martin Suter

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Martin Suter’s latest novel “The time period” weaves a thriller plot and is literary sparkling, high-quality entertainment. He is also an easy game with philosophical and surreal motifs, which ties many suggestions to the centuries-long occupation of great thinkers and artists with the question of what is the time and means to us – from Plato to Kant and Einstein to Michael Ende’s novel “Momo” ( I 1973).

In a residential area in the sixties – three-story apartment buildings whose facades are clad with exposed aggregate concrete – lives Peterstaler, 42.

Exactly one year ago has his wife Laura shot on the doorstep from behind. Since then Taler is not the old. Could he have possibly prevent the crime? Asked about his possible complicity reinforces the obsession with which he pursued from now his only goal in life: to make the brutal killer. The police efforts have not engaged in his opinion much.

Most of the time spends dollars at the window, staring out, observed the pictures comparing past and present in his mind.

Something is different … It’s still just a feeling, but it will take pictures and research. In the construction company where Taler works as an accountant, has been applied understanding of him, but slowly through the grace period from; if he does not back is the norm, he will suffer the consequences. The neighbors from the Gustav-Rautner pathway avoid the loner who has retired to his apartment, changed nothing in it, in of it all is reminiscent of Laura. Every day he cooks, sets the table for two, puts a lit Marlboro in the ashtray and waits for his lover

In the house opposite lives another chap.

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82-year-old retired teacher Albert Knupp. Mostly he works in his garden, ignoring anyone or to greet. How has lost its Frauentaler he; She died twenty years ago after a trip to Kenya from malaria, and he torments himself with self-reproach. Taler and Knupp seem to be meant for each other.

First comes Taler his assumption after that Knupp have something to do with Laura’s death. He feels from Knupp observed believes he was doing from his skylight of photos of him. Researchers he rings at Knupps door, holding his pictures, which he has in turn made by Knupp, and is surprisingly invited into the house. Quick comes Knupp to the point: He needed help for an experiment, and Taler was the right person to stand him actively support

Knupps goal is the time to outwit.. “Time does not pass, anything goes.” Inspired by theories and experiments, of which he had read in the (fictional) book “The error of time” by Walter W. Kerbeler, he wants to one day rekindle in all details in the past, to live through it again and could thus his life of that time, direct in a different direction. “Snapshot If you are able to reconstruct any day exactly, then you have picked the time for this moment and are in this.”

<: This would prove that time is non-existent, but pure illusion p> is best suited for the experiment on Oct. 11, 1991, because it Knupp has very many photos. Obsessively driven, Knupp works with antique tools – a theodolite and a camera obscura – to the former states to explore precisely. Taler is fascinated, do with, are thus his empty life still makes sense. gigantic sums are to be applied for the complex project, for which Taler dissolves his savings, and later manipulated the books of his employer. He thus deprived of his livelihood, he does not care – he has other plans …

After the exciting start Suter comes only now up to full speed, produces its prized by so many readers storytelling. What he describes in detail is perfect and ludicrous at the same time. Knupp and valleys commission a film company that will restore the living environment to its original condition. Trees must be cut down to be replaced by small of her own youth; now vanished trees must be planted at their old place again; Facades are trimmed in old cars distended by time, repainted and parked exactly as on that day. Tremendous efforts must be made to apply to the old Teerbelag including the patched areas and locate the dumpster long decommissioned design. Of course, the room in Knupps must be reconstructed apartment and all are unmoved in its place. Knupp has rejuvenated quite some time now with Botox.

Everything is ready, the day may come. What about the pinheads who were but did not bunt? And the weather is involved with this unprecedented experiment? Finally a hint for further reading.

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“The Time Period” of Martin Suter
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