Book "Elephant" by Martin Suter

How could you probably Barron, the age of ten own floor in the Trump Tower inhabited, put a smile on bored, tired face? What might a child as America’s First Kid grew up in material abundance and limber, feel more real joy? For such hyper-rich circles a scientist has developed the ultimate toy. Real life, pimped on the basis of a developed Mother Nature over millions creature including all its senses, emotions and sensations, but all the way (good or creepy) taste of the buyer – Exclusive It could hardly.

And it is. a Win-win project. The customer may feel like God as an omnipotent creator by the Word alone, while the performing genetic manipulator is open by its patents a sure-fire business model with exorbitant income and inexhaustible potential for the future. Its target audience is manageable, but equipped for excessive waste.

This macabre outgrowth modernster genetic research is the foundation of Martin Suter’s novel “elephant”. As an unsuspecting Zurich, who has not ordered falls, really as a wrinkled pink snout animals, just 40 cm long and 30 cm high, feet.

Science fiction does not seek to do so. Long pigs, turtles and Chihuahuas have been successfully shrunk. And for bioluminescence nature has supplied us with the fireflies a through ball, we only abzukupfern and an installation routine for all colors need to enrich the rainbow to the Vanity Fair with cute little kitsch colored tiny plants that shine in the dark like neon signs, in to enable eager excitement.

While we were still astonished eyes rub us in reading the story of the little elephant Sabu Barisha, like somewhere, probably, already a real colleague horns in the world in the countries of unfettered opportunities across the Atlantic or in the Far East of it through the lab.

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Thus, Suter his plot that begins in April 2013, already in April 2018 again let it end.

Schoch, the Zurich, was once an investment banker, but crashed after the failure of his marriage from the affluent society (Was he perhaps in the machinations of the last Suter hit”. Schoch on the morning of June 12, 2016 deep in his cave sees one intimidated Elefäntchen, it still takes a while until he can accept that small something neither a plush toy is still a shapeless marzipan pigs, but are unmistakable signs of life. It moves the ears, raises his trunk, leaves tiny dung tubers and has visibly hungry. Schoch holds confidence in the helpless being who, why and by what power also However, it was calculated into his hand, and must now take responsibility for it.

This is unfortunately wrong. From the green stuff on the bank edge and the Limma t-water with which he feeds the animals, it gets unchecked diarrhea. He turns to vet Valerie summer that offers free consultations for the four-legged companions of the homeless. The diarrhea has quickly under control, but most importantly they understand immediately the enormous dimensions of their patients (a Nobel Prize-worthy world sensation) and could be something for risks in the game. Immediately brings Schoch and his cave animal in a safe hiding under.

This is a storyline of this pink novel. In the second Science The GM expert Dr. coming and Big business in. Roux research, actively supported by a Chinese company, for years minimized experimental animals with glow effect and makes the breakthrough, after finding a suitable female elephant as a surrogate mother for his target product in a washed-traveling circus. But he has made his statement without Kaung, the circus Mahout . For this deeply religious elephant whisperer from Myanmar the newborn child of his animal partner is a unique, adorable wonders of creation, and he realizes that he protect it from greedy profiteers must. So a global chase takes its course.

This selling author Martin Suter has chosen a current and relevant issue as a subject for a pretty novel with magical features. That he for genetic engineering – an infinitely complex minefield full of ethical and moral questions of principle – reduced to a few striking aspects is legitimate, because it is there primarily to pleasing entertainment before a serious background. Suter’s typical laconic, (not at all) gently ironic tone, the unpretentious vocabulary, structuring into clear reading appetisers easy to be overcome time and space jumps and a round happy ending at some levels predestined the book a bestseller, but it is also made perfectly crafted.

The plot runs in all facets voices off, and the story opens clearly the different perspectives (from the highest peaks of the scientists and the financial moguls over former dazzling circus life to the dreary everyday life of the Zurich homeless scene). In the epilogue, the author wishes to thank the named experts who have knowledgeable informed him of genetics, brain research, elephants and “marginalized” and advise. This book I have to my to the list 20 favorite books.

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