Pink Hotel by Anna Stothard Review

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The 17-year-old narrator grows up in London with Dad and stepmother Daphne. Only Dad’s sake, the grandparents had cared for her until she died. For Daphne, who runs a small cafe with Dad, the young woman is standing 14-only the unwanted product of their time only, immature mother Lily. Love never seen the girl. We will not even know her name.

The skin of a human tells a lot about his soul. Thus it is not surprising that the body has the narrator scratches, scars, lacerations.

They crawled through brambles to feel at least the pain as feeling and has beaten through life.About Lily you do not speak. It is a taboo. At 17, she has made off, ran away to America, has never reported.

Now, Lily dead. Someone has therefore called from Los Angeles, and even the narrator Daphne stole credit card to book a flight there booked and packed her backpack. Now she is at the Pink Hotel in Venice Beach, California.

Whatever gone off here? A mega party? In every floor reeks of alcohol, drugs breath blowing towards her, people hang their thoughts, talk about the deceased. They always came too late; “Even their own funeral would have missed.”

What has lost the narrator here? She is looking, desire has what is left of her mother for something. The top floor she enters their private apartment. It focuses on the ambience – chaos everywhere – the room scents perceives shrink lets water into the dirty sprinkled bath, thinking about Dad and Daphne, who will curse in their café angry about it: the kleptomaniac who Schulabbrecherin, the no-good.

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Actually wants to return the narrator immediately to London. Lily is sure not mind if she grabs some clothes, shoes, lipstick, sunglasses, photos, letters, postcards in a battered red suitcase can go with twenty dollar bills and then cuts off. But it remains one summer Anna Stothards novel David has observed the narrator as she turned in the stolen suitcase out of the hotel, and later rediscovered on the beach where she was sleeping on a bench. With him, she finds a place to stay for a short time, and there can feel the narrator for the first time in her life a sexual attraction to a man. David she says lovingly, and he told her a little of Lily. So she learns of a fatal motorcycle accident … But totally unfounded David eludes her again, just runs away. Why? Has she disappointed him? This turn in the story line of the novel gets an exciting drive – and will come to an end that you did not expect.

Anna Stothard was born in 1983 in London and literature and later screenplay writing at the American Film Institute. studied in Los Angeles. There they lived hotels near the pink. After “Isabel and Rocco” “Pink Hotel” her second novel. It is characterized by a very individual, youthful style of speech. Not every reader – especially lovers of traditional literature – will fall easy access to plot and characters; the judgments may differ widely. Also had to settle me until several passages have read twice – and had a positive attitude in the end to this story about a self-discovery and growing up, which is also a love and a detective story.


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