Un Bel Sogno D'amore By Andrea Vitali Review

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Oh, on which horse they should just put that woken Adelaide Pizzi? In the race are Alfredo Denti and Ernesto Tagliaferri (called “il Taglia”), and both are far from the ideal of a man, a young woman wants to give her favor.

Ernesto looks better and is the kessere of both. He even has already wrested her a kiss – and on that occasion the same brash little more taken away. Since then, he exerts a certain fascination for her. But “il Taglia aveva una cert’aria since maledetto, a causa di un ciuffo ribelle che gli cadeva continuamente sulla fronte e della Barbetta non fatta” and their schwant that his influence is not a good.

In contrast, Alfredo would be a safer haven for a marriage. The twenty-eight come from middle-class home, lives obediently at Mama Benvenuta, 68, with whom he Sundays arm in arm to the fair proceeds, and performs as an auto mechanic from an honorable profession. But Alfredo> in the race ‘? Although he already meets for a year with her in front of the factory where she works, or his workshop, but it does not go ahead with their relationship.

What topic Adelaide Whatever touches on – more than “non saprei”, “cioè …”, “magari …”, “vedremo …” and to “la faccia del broccolo” it can not wrest him. After years of maternal dominance, it is not his thing, to take a stand, to develop even Initiative; “Essere davanti a un fatto il motivo compiuto era conduttore della sua vita.”

So accomplish other facts.

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On the one hand Mama Benvenuta defended jealously the status quo, already equal to an ordinary worker like Adelaide ( “Chiuso il discorso, ‘fece lei.”), On the other is Adelaide increasingly impatient ( “sputum il rospo Alfredo!”) , Maybe they can do it even a bit further nudge to his happiness by telling him Ernesto.

Since “il Taglia” is already made of different stuff. He not only knows exactly what he wants, but also tackled resolutely. When it comes to ensnare attractive women to take the people from their money concocting scams or the police to deceive, he develops an unexpected wealth of ideas. Unfortunately, however, he always picks the wrong means. What a terrific success would, for example, he organized lottery may be, if he does not … Or think of his brilliant initiative to accompany the great bicycle race journalism … And how convincing he gave the honest fishermen, the caserma dei carabinieri commonplace with (almost) fresh fish supplied in the end it is always the maresciallo Pezzati on the ropes and pulls it in cooperation with like-minded judges for a few months or years from the market, provided with warnings and advice for its improvement.

Sly is Ernesto course not. If he dives as usual for some time to get everyone what he may well do again asks. Once he returns to a nifty Alfa Romeo Spider and plays the big Maxe – until all reserves again have dried up so that it gives Adelaide’s maternal compassion, “Povero Ernesto, solo come un cane, senza arte né parte, senza futuro”.

Let’s put it bluntly: “Il Taglia era ancora più di quanto il stupido maresciallo Pezzati credesse … però, era convinto di essere il più del furbo creato.” And the buddies with whom he teams, play in no higher league, we think, for example, to “il Cereghèt” looking for “una raffinata elements criminale” holds.

So in itself, seem straight to originate action and the world to the people Theater: There is the lively Adelaide, which makes her reluctant Alfredo along with gruff woman’s mom legs, can be drawn into the machinations of petty criminals Taglia (which breaks the brave father, in his honorable locomotive engineer, almost the heart ), but in the end achieved everything she wanted. Taglia robber gets repeated the riot act read, but learns nothing. For order of the unshakable, shrewd and vain little village policeman Pezzati makes with his men and helpers in the village. Above all float (so they think anyway) the ‘fine’ notables as “il professor Invitto Lodi” and wife Maria Cristina Berteggi in Lodi, chairman of the nonprofit and immensely prestigious association “Avis”.

But how pretty how amusing it is to read about these types and their scheming, if a gifted storyteller as Andrea Vitali to their accepting! His linguistic presentation is not at all simple, but offers solid crafts, the best entertainment. Highly detailed, colorful and imaginative, he unfolds the events, and always slightly ironic to smugly he draws his various character heads, each of which, as well as everyone gets a distinctive name a few quirky features and a small biography.

Vitalis vocabulary is rich (in the one or the other Dialektpreziose, eg “Slandra” sometimes popularly-hearty, without being vulgar), but closely intertwined always contextual, one that always at least an inkling of what is meant. These cute phrases, a flawless grammar – all adds up to Vitali books the ideal reading for anyone who wants to polish his knowledge of Italian with pleasure and little effort.

Andrea Vitali, doctor and writer who comes from Bellano on. lake Como, where he settled in his novels. Over the Swiss bank, here Italy, the provincial capital of Lecco and the many villages around provide a delightful setting for a wide variety of plots, and Vitalis familiarity with local conditions makes his stories close and authentic. The atmosphere is usually somewhat nostalgic; 1973 “Un bel sogno d’amore” begins and lasts a couple of years that the good old days’ appear.

Let the way, do not lead by Blurb and Publishing advertising is misleading: The dispute the screening of the film “last Tango”, quoted everywhere as if it were the central theme of the novel, only serves as an introduction for the first few pages and is irrelevant to the rest of the numerous plot lines.

Finally, a few samples of Vitalis storytelling:

About la signora Benvenuta: Hotel “Adelaide … la chiamo con il nomignolo che da tempo aveva appreso> Facia de can, ‘faccia di cane.: le stava bene, tra l’altro, con quell’espressione semper alterative, scontrosa because cane incazzato. “Hotel” I morti di famiglia aspettavano una sua visita. ”

About Carolina Tirelli, the most curious all neighbors: Hotel “Carolina Tirelli, due mariti sul groppone Morti Volati nell’aldilà, secondo alcuni, by lib.. era scelta e allo scopo di non sentirla più parlare. “Hotel” una veterana nelle tecniche di infiltrazione “Hotel” un Completavano apparecchio ricetrasmittente di rara affidabilità occhi e semper orecchie All’erta e al servizio di un’inestinguibile sete di . sapere i fatti altrui ”

About Ernesto Tagliaferri and maresciallo Pezzati: Hotel” Bene maresciallo, grazie di tutto e arrivederci a mai più “. Al che il Pezzati aveva risposto: “Ma is scemo davvero o fai finta?” Hotel “Il Taglia non era che un piccolo pesce, forse il più piccolo di tutti.”


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Un Bel Sogno D'amore By Andrea Vitali Review
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