La Ruga Del Cretino By Andrea Vitali Review

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Villa Alba is the opportunity of a lifetime. La Serpe , the resolute sacristan in the santuario di Lezzeno would urge their third daughter Birce accommodate as a maid, but the girl is severely plain, clumsy and stubborn. The pastor has recommended the fine signora Giuditta Carvasana, but will take the innocent country bumpkin in their services? “Dimmi un po ‘tu sai cosa fare,” she encouraged Birce three times before the finally opens his mouth: ” Niente’, disse.” Fortunately, the lady of the house just feels to charity called ( “sentiva da un po ‘di tempo la necessità di arricchire la sua vita facendo qualcosa per gli altri”) and sets them in order to help the child to develop his hidden abilities.

And what comes to light, no one can guess the least Birce.

Villa Alba is the chance of a lifetime. Professor Cesare Lombroso, a neurologist from Turin is convinced that properties of the psyche manifest physically. Can you perhaps ultimately criminals already identified on the basis of their head shape? There are plenty of colleagues who share his views, but even more, they consider ridiculous.

His daughter Gina supported him with advice and assistance, but always advocates wise restraint, and that’s not his way of doing things. His role in investigating a mysterious series of murders of young women could give his innovative theories breakthrough in practice ( “Era convinto … che i principi galileiani fossero i soli utili per una nuova fondare cognizione della psichiatria … applicare certi metodi scientifici all indagini di polizia … “).

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But for this he must first of Bellano travel, and the road is full of adversity.

Villa Alba is the chance of a lifetime. Eusapia Palladino is tired to move as controversial attraction from city to city, hailed by some as a hero with supernatural abilities, derided by others as charlatan – “quella donna di cui si diceva tutto e il suo contrario”. After an intimate tour of Switzerland a few days with the girlfriend into hiding, relax in seclusion, finally find themselves and to reorient itself – how beneficial that would be.

Villa Alba is the chance of a life. Ederardo Falcarotti, the furious reporter of the “Provincia di Como”, traces every rumor that he can stylize a small sensation. After he was able to wrest already interviewed the dazzling celebrities Palladio, it is now even invited to visit them in the villa! What is at stake at this meeting, it will, however, surprise, and he will make new experiences.

Villa Alba is a mystery. But, right on the shores of Lake Como just outside the center, Giuditta Carvasana shall enjoy discrete seclusion, while the locals racking eyes and head why this is even open that window or closed even know who the mysterious single resident at all what may have drifted here and why they live so withdrawn. And for the lady of the house, the building still holds unexpected secrets ready.

Villa Alba is a central of about half a dozen locations at which the branching storylines by over three times as many major and still much more minor characters of all ranks have grown. Every single person – including some historic – is lovingly profiled as (usually slightly grumpy) character and a (mostly original) name is worthy, just as the highly professional author, doctor and judge of Andrea Vitali has always practiced this. In this network of relationships vanity, envy, ambition, pettiness, jealousy and deviousness ensure permanent excitement.

In his distinctive, intelligent style -. Keen observation, rich wealth of detail, top choice of words, mischievous humor and irony in varying dosages ( “un tocco di formaggio che avrebbe potuto raccontare l’alba dell’umanità”; La stupidità dell’uomo non ha confini, ‘sentenziò il Defedè senza Immaginare quanto la moglie fosse d’accordo con lui.”) – tells palpable relish the author as the plans and hopes of his creatures germinate, grow to be the other plump and shaken up in the course of events, supplemented, enhanced or destroyed. Track you never lose despite the abundance – Vitali mastered his craft.

Of course, this novel’s plot is resettled mainly in Bellano and surroundings (with excursions in the academic world of Turin and Milan), and again she plays. when the world still somehow healing appeared in a somewhat Biedermeier-style past (August 1893) and promised to make science and technology even better. In this setting Vitali seems to feel most comfortable, at least it runs there every time top form.

What is different about this book than in previous Vitali novels? The criminologist Massimo Picozzi operates as a co-author, but what he has contributed, I can not see. The publisher, Bücher by Garzanti in books Rezensionen”. Closer than the construction of crime plots is the human-too-human heart by this author, and therefore human touch in the small Vitali cosmos so wonderful that one is fascinated share increases and wants to learn how it was made because now all these people on – no matter whether they are criminals or notables, paragons of virtue or Schlitzohren, servants or teachers. A detective story.? Oh where. Refreshing narrated folk theater.

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