Il Nome del Padre Flavio Villani Review

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The city is deserted. The shops of the boulevards are barricaded with iron shutters, the wide spaces deserted. Even the halls of the main station act leave. Like every year are Mariä Himmelfahrt, 15 August” on-duty officer in homicide in the via Fatebenefratelli is Rocco Cavallo. The young viceispettore , so far only spectators and assistant if his experienced colleagues identified is suddenly alone with his first big case. Either he can now earn golden spurs or if it fails, a log out once and for all to the back office.

To do everything right willing, he follows prudent and confident of his belief that “l’unico modo per affrontare il caos di quella di mattina fosse una contrapporgli ferrea razionalità. Ogni cosa sarebbe andata al proprio posto con uno solo sforzo dell’intelletto [ …]. Il mio compito era cercare la verità “.

This looks the “Poirot dei poveri”course too idealistic. His boss, commissario capo Italo Naldini wants only one thing: rapid results to “il popolino” calm displeased because torn from the family vacation, the old hare conjures the rookie a theory out of the hat, how’s will have been well: a settlement in pimp circles ostentatious execution of a rebellious prostitutes.

With the relevant convicted Totò il Guercio and a recently disappeared without a trace street girl named Ingrid he also supplies the same to create the thing from the world the staff. So “. Agisce, perdio” Cavallo is treated like a stupid schoolboy. Humiliating comments undermine his self-esteem, but things get, he can not be.

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As he points out that first the identity of the victim should be clarified, cut him Naldini ado the case and accepts even the command, along with ispettore Mirco Ferretti from the vice squad”

Neither the brutal team Naldini / Ferretti Cavallo manages to fathom the mystery of the case body. So the file gathering dust on the shelves, the bloodbath becomes a “cold case”. Because a murderer escaped free because Cavallo was unable to justice and because he had to take painful humiliations, the case continues to gnaw the soul of the commissario . may act and he can not, but he writes the entire course of events down like a novel. When he is asked the young viceispettrice Valeria Salemi late in his years of service to the side and he recognizes her to his similar professional ethics, he gives her to read the manuscript, and motivates him to take up the search again the central murder case from 1972 is indeed spectacular, but basically simple, the number of people involved manageable. Author Villani created from an artistic masterpiece.

The action takes place on three cleverly nested layers of time (1940 to 1945 in 1972 and at the present time), within which is told from different perspectives. Cavallo’s manuscript and Vice Dominis detailed oral report given privately in the ghostly skull chapel of the Church of San Bernardino alle Ossa, bringing extensive first-person narratives, while otherwise the scenic representation prevails in the third person. Most Cavallo’s view of intense inner activity, close observation and cool Consider accompanied. The investigation leads into a wide circle (red-light district, tycoons old style, refugees, clergy …) and make him the most diverse types of people meet (careerists, Failed, Opaque, empathy lots, sick, disillusioned, men of power …). Villani has created a thoughtful, literary anprechenden psychological detective story that fascinates the reader also by the diverse characters as by the enigma of criminal cases.

With Rocco Cavallo provides Villani the usual broken hero of his profession a round estimable character opposite. The intellectual man dominated, thoughtful, modest, cultured, empathic, can be in interrogations entirely on the personality of the other one. His method is thorough, critical deduction. he keeps his ideals and principles despite all temptations upright. Even after three decades gives him his sense of justice the power to the age-old case resurrect to face again the personal frustrations of his early years. Valeria Salemi he finds a like-minded partner, who, however, preferred action narrative tone and style are reminiscent of Giorgio Scerbanenco.

As in Scerbanencos thrillers the scene of Milan plays a major role. Rocco Cavallo comes from the Amalfi coast and feels strange in the Lombardy metropolis where Italy’s industrial economic miracle is booming and either intolerable press summer heat or gloomy fog and rainy days, the mood. over the years he hiked the city and learns she finally appreciate ( “Camminare mi aiuta a concentrarmi […]. È così che ho Imparato a conoscere e ad amare Milano.” ). Masterfully captured Villani the atmosphere of the different big city scenes (boulevards, offices, apartments, villas, churches, a monastery) and the time sense of historical eras.

Flavio Villa ni, born in Milan in 1962, is a neurologist by profession. In his first Rocco Cavallo crime he introduced us to his sympathetic protagonist at the beginning and end of his police career. A second book is in preparation. It is located in the nineties, and the commissario , now about fifty years old and matured, will have to deal with the Milan bribery scandals ( “Tangentopoli”).

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