Padre Pio’s Most Famous Essay on Religion

The following sample essay will talk about Padre Pio, an Italian priest and monk. To read the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

Francesco Forgione was born May 25, 1887 in Pietrelcina, Italy. His parents were Grazio and Maria. He lived with his parents, an older brother Michele, and three younger sisters, Felicita, Pellegrina, and Grazia. Three other kids died in babyhood, including Francesco, for whom Padre Pio was named. The Forgiones were a really spiritual household, and in his place as a immature male child, his religion was nurtured.

In his childhood, Francesco ‘s great religion was apparent. He loved to sing anthem and play church in his younger old ages, and consecrated himself to Jesus when he was five. As an grownup, Pio commented that Jesus, Mary, and his guardian angel appeared to him. He besides claimed to hold suffered onslaughts by the Satan. In 1897, Francesco ‘s parents foremost learned of his desire to be a priest. A Capuchin monastic was going to acquire contributions, and Francesco was drawn to the adult male, and told his parents that he wanted to be a mendicant.

The Forgiones went to Morcone to inquire if the Capuchins would take their boy. They were interested, but Francesco did non hold the needed instruction, merely holding three old ages of public schooling ( EWTN ) .

In order to pay the private coach needed for Francesco, his male parent went to America to work, and during this clip he was confirmed. He completed the instruction demands for the Capuchin order, and at 15 he became a minor Capuchin, and took the name Pio, after the frequenter saint of Pietrelcina, Saint Pius V.

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He was called Fra, intending brother, until he became a priest. Then on August 10, 1910, the 23 twelvemonth old Fra Pio was ordained a priest by Archbishop Paolo Schinosi. On August 14, he celebrated his first mass. On September 7, 1910, as Padre Pio was praying in the Piana Romana, Jesus and Mary appeared to him and gave him the lesions of Christ, the stigmata. He prayed for God to take away the lesions visibly, but for the agony to remain. God answered his supplications and took the lesions off, until old ages subsequently, when Pope Benedict XV urged all Christians to pray for an terminal to the war. On July 27, Padre Pio offered himself as a victim for the terminal of the war. Between August 5 -7, he had a vision in which Christ appeared and pierced his side. The experience has been identified as a “ transverberation ” or piercing of the bosom bespeaking a brotherhood with God. A few hebdomads subsequently, the same being who appeared to him on August 5 appeared once more. It was the hurt Christ. Padre Pio received the seeable stigmata, the five lesions of Christ, which would remain with him for the balance of his life. The intelligence of the stigmata spread around the universe by early 1919, and legion physicists examined his lesions, though he was non interested. Pio accepted the lesions as a gift from God, but would hold preferred to endure the hurting of Jesus without the universe knowing ( EWTN ) .

As said by the Eternal Word Television Network, in the mid-1960s, Padre Pio ‘s wellness began to deteriorate, but he continued to state Mass and receive confessions. On the 50th day of remembrance of the stigmata Padre Pio celebrated Mass, and the following twenty-four hours, he was excessively tired to state Mass or hear confessions. On September 22, he managed to state Mass and people had to fight to hear him. Merely after midnight on September 23, Padre Pio called his higher-up and renewed his vows, and at 2:30a.m. , Padre Pio died a natural decease. On his deathbed, he held the rosary beads, but was excessively weak to state the prayer beads. Harmonizing to Leo ‘s Design, he repeated the names “ Jesus, Maria ” until he died, when he opened his eyes really broad and said, “ I see two female parents! ” ( Leo ‘s Design ) He is believed to hold meant Mary and his ain female parent. With his last breath, he whispered Maria! so the great mysterious, priest, and saint, Padre Pio, laid his caput down to rest for the concluding clip, after a life full of enduring and hapless wellness, physical lesions, and marvelous religious lesions. As he had predicted, he lived ill but died healthy, with the stigmata healed and his organic structure in all right status, although cryptically drained of all blood harmonizing to physicians. His feast twenty-four hours is the twenty-four hours of his decease, September 23.

Saint Padre Pio was canonized on June 16, 2002, by Pope John Paul I at the terminal of a long procedure that lasted 33 old ages, seven months, and twelve yearss. The canonisation procedure started on November 4, 1968. He was attributed with miracles of mending many people, including immature chidren, being in two topographic points at one clip or going to topographic points in seconds, and his most celebrated Markss, the stigmata ( Discover Catholic Miracles ) .

On September 26, 1968, over a 100 thousand people gathered at San Giovanni Rotondo to pay their respects to this holy adult male. He was buried in the crypt prepared for him in the Church of Our Lady of Grace. ” ( EWTN ) . In his life-time, the great Padre Pio took portion in 100s of multitudes, and did things no other adult male could make. He came from a little state town, and became a really celebrated and well-known priest and saint. He was 81 old ages old when he died.

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