Boracay Famous White Beach Tourism Essay

Harmonizing to Tourism Philippines, Boracay is celebrated for its long white sandy beaches, and is besides a popular mercantile establishment for H2O athleticss activities such as aqualung diving, snorkeling, sailing etc. Other than the flaxen beaches, Boracay is good known for the night life and party scene. There are legion bars and nines along the whole stretch of beach, largely located at station 2 of Boracay. Spas are besides readily at most topographic points ; you can even happen free-lance masseurs “ policing ” the beaches! ( Tourism Philippines, 2008, Retrieved From: hypertext transfer protocol: //tourism-philippines.

com/boracay-travel-guide/ )

Harmonizing to, “ The best portion of the island is its 4 kilometer. White Beach, besides called long beach by the locals. It is situated at the west seashore between the small towns of Angol and Balabag, and some experient travelers claim it to be the finest beach of all Asia. The H2O is shallow here and its sand brighter and finer than most beaches in the archipelago.

There are about 350 beach resorts with 2000 suites to accommodate virtually everyone ‘s gustatory sensation. There is adjustment of all types and monetary value classs. Restaurants range organize the native fastfood stables to constitutions that would fulfill even a epicure. You can happen beer articulations every bit good as discos with astonishing visible radiation and sound equipment. ” (, n.d, Retrieved From: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Nestor P. Burgos Jr. of the Filipino Daily Inquirer states that, “ DISCERNING travellers and tourers prefer finishs off the beaten path.

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But many of them still stop up in the world-famous beach of Boracay Island in Aklan. ” This is because of its white beach and all right white sand and crystal clear Waterss, harmonizing to Edwin Trompeta, regional manager for Western Visayas of the Department of Tourism. “ The beach and Waterss combined with the island ‘s nightlife brand Boracay irresistible, ” he says.

Despite contentions on land ownership and unregulated development, Boracay has drawn more tourers every twelvemonth because of its celebrated white beach, systematically included in the lists of the best beaches in the universe.

Furthermore, the planetary economic slack has failed to stifle tourer reachings with new foreign markets and local tourers doing up for the slack in visitants from states hit hard by the universe recession.

As a affair of fact, tourer reachings on the island have been on the upswing for a decennary. They are up from 554,181 tourers in 2006, 596,707 in 2007, 634,263 in 2008 and 649,559 last twelvemonth. For the first five months of this twelvemonth, tourer reachings have grown by 12 per centum, harmonizing to informations from the touristry office of Malay town in Aklan.

Boracay ‘s extremum season normally begins in October and stopping points until May the undermentioned twelvemonth

From January to May 2010, tourer reachings reached 378,694, higher than the 337,664 tourers who visited the island in the same period last twelvemonth and the 320,994 tourers who came in 2008.

The highest figure was recorded in May with tourer reachings making 101,349, higher than the 92,813 tourers in the same month in 2009 and 83,731 in 2008.

More than 600,000 local and foreign tourers visited the white sand beaches and assorted parts of Boracay during the period, more than 40 per centum higher than the 2009 figure of around 470,000.

DOT 6 said they have recorded more than 230,000 foreign tourers in the island as of early October.


This is good intelligence amid the assorted travel advisories issued by several states against sing in the Philippines, the DOT 6 said.

The United States, Australia and United Kingdom had earlier issued advisories as safeguards in going to the state in the aftermath of reported panic menaces.

The touristry of Boracay is go oning to turn in fact, The News Today states that, “ Boracay ‘s gross, chiefly due to touristry, has reached P 12.17 billion as of the 3rd one-fourth, higher compared to last twelvemonth ‘s figures.

Income from touristry in Boracay from January to May make P6,961,683.28. ” ( Burgos, 2010, Retrieved From: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Tourist Attractions and Activities in Boracay

Harmonizing to, Boracay is celebrated for the followers:

Beachs / White Beach

Boracay self-praises of a sugary white sand beach and cerulean bluish Waterss. The best portion of the island is the four-kilometer White Beach known to be the “ finest beach in the universe. ” The encompassing H2O is shallow and the sand is finer and brighter than most beaches in the archipelago. White Beach is so, soooo mulct, it feels like steping on stat mis of babe pulverization!


The island Eden of Boracay is a perfect topographic point for watersports. Here, you can partake in a assortment of exhilirating aqua action – from swimming and snorkeling to scuba diving, windsurfing, sailboating, kayaking, boardsailing, and yachting.

Nature Stumbling / Eco-Adventure

World-renowned Boracay is an escapade island ideal for island hopping, hike, trekking, undermining, mountain mounting, biking, and horseback equitation. Trekking and mountain biking can convey even the intrepid to the island ‘s quaint inside small towns and to the borders ‘ scenic bouldery drops, detecting along the manner many concealed coves with stray beaches far from the

tourer crowd.

Boardsailing at Bulabog Beach

On the eastern side of Boracay Island is Bulabog Beach. It is a boardsailor ‘s Mecca that draws partisans from all over the universe, particularly during the extremum season from November to March. In January, it is the site of an International Funboard Cup.

Paraw Regatta

Sailboating and kayaking are popular sporting activities, with Boracay playing host to the one-year Paraw Regatta, an international sailing boat race that makes usage of the native outrigger.


Dive sites surround the island and are larning locales to both novitiates and professional frogmans, guided by competent teachers of the many dive stores that operate in the country. For trueblue aqualung plunging partisans, Yapak in Boracay is a great deep honkytonk.

Recreational Sports

Laid-back Boracay is the perfect locale for golf, tennis, bowling, even beach volleyball. Top-of-class comfortss for these activities are available in the island. For golf bugs, Fairways and Bluewater Resort Golf and Countryclub has an 18-hole title class.


The codification in Boracay is purely informal. Walking barefoot than shod is the regulation instead than the exclusion. Singing discos have the beach for a floor, giving dance a new turn. From twilight to click, the island turns into one large party topographic point where everyone is welcome to fall in in.

Mambo Number 5

For the adventure-driven, “ Mambo Number 5 ” is a small spot of boating and air current surfboarding, a small spot of aqualung diving, a small spot of trekking, a small spot of mountain biking, and a small spot of golf.


Bargain shopping is a joy of a recreation while in Boracay. Souvenir pieces provide eternal possibilities, from bangles and native accoutrements made of shells and semi-precious rocks to alien or modern-day beach wear and manner graphicss.


The gustatory sensation of the 6th Region, to which Boracay belongs, is rather simple. Charbroiled poulet is common menu. Another favourite dish is natural fish marinated in spicy acetum. Dining is no job in Boracay, with most resorts holding their ain eating houses that serve both Filipino and international culinary arts. Small bite bars line the island.


Diversions are non a job in Boracay, with leisure activities calendared throughout the twelvemonth and comfortss offered by some 350 tourer constitutions. The island is ideal for beachbumming, relaxing, and merely idling about. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours, unwind with a restful massage. The island ne’er runs out skilled masseurs offering massage services by the beach. For a more epicurean dainty, see the new Mandala Spa.

Boracay Boardsailing

The picture-perfect tropical island of Boracay offers flat-water velocity seafaring, wave jumping, and longboard cruising. White Beach, shielded from the amihan, or north-east monsoon, is for novices. Bulabog Beach, on the other side of the island, has ideal conditions for velocity, slalom, and high-wind shortboard seafaring. It is besides the site of the one-year Boracay International Funboard Cup. Tabon Strait has superb high-performance seafaring, but there is a existent hazard of being swept off, so this site is for skilled crewmans merely.

Tibiao Whitewater River

Rising near the extremum of Mt. Madja-as, the Tibiao River descends about 2000m on its short but disruptive journey to the sea. The lower subdivision of the river, known as the “ Chicken Run ” , is grade 3 ; the more hard upper subdivision reaches grade 4. The Tibiao has all the authoritative characteristics of a tropical white water river, with rich flora hemming the Bankss, positions of rice patios, dramatic falls and clear H2O. The river is close to Boracay and easy accessible.

Natural Formations

Beachs / White Beach

Boracay self-praises of a sugary white sand beach and cerulean bluish Waterss. The best portion of the island is the four-kilometer White Beach known to be the “ finest beach in the universe. ” The encompassing H2O is shallow and the sand is finer and brighter than most beaches in the archipelago. White Beach is so, soooo mulct, it feels like steping on stat mis of babe pulverization!


Ati-Atihan ( 2nd weekend of January )

January is the clip to hang loose in Kalibo, the “ Land of the Atis ” and the gateway to Boracay. For all of three yearss, it celebrates the Ati-Atihan Festival – where frenzied streetdancing is performed by costumed and black-sooted “ folks ” as they wend through the chief streets from morning until the witching hours. Ati-Atihan commemorates the 13th-century land trade between 10s migrating Bornean captains and the Aboriginal Ati King Marikudo. It besides honors the town frequenter, the baby Santo Nino. To the concomitant of 100s of lyres and membranophones, revelers throw all suppressions to the air current as they join the folks in a huffy gigue punctuated by rhythmic cries of: “ Hala bira! Puera pasma! Hala bira! Viva Santo Nino! ” ( Loosely translated: “ Let travel! Do n’t acquire ill! Let travel! Hail the Holy Child! ” )

Paraw Regatta

Annually, Boracay Island plays host to the Paraw Regatta, an international sailing boat race that

makes usage of the native outrigger.

International Funboard Cup

A music and dance celebration picturing the history, folklore, and traditions of the Lobocanons. Bolibong Kingking is a term applied to the membranophones and tam-tams and their beat used to attach to the invocation dance rite in forepart of the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the 2nd Patron of Loboc.

Pana-ad SA Loboc ( Holy Thursday & A ; Good Friday )

Bulabog Beach, situated on the eastern side of Boracay Island, is a boardsailor ‘s Mecca that draws partisans from all over the universe. Every January, it is the site of an International Funboard Cup.

Selling Boracay

A survey was undertaken for the International Finance Corp. ( IFC ) by a squad of Filipino and German consultantsA to better and develop Boracay to do it a first tourer finish. Harmonizing to this survey, the program is accomplishable and through this, the island of Boracay can vie with other world-renowned beaches like those in Phuket, Thailand and Bali, Indonesia.

“ The program is to redesign the selling scheme to do the island more seeable and accessible to tourers from around the universe, ” declared IFC Country Manager Vipul Bhagat. Boracay is presented as a oasis of good investing chances, paying attending to strategic touristry selling and publicity so as to ask for and carry more tourers into sing the island.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

The survey emphasizes the major alterations which are intended to be done and implemented to develop, sustain and do Boracay a major finish for high-ticket touristry. These alterations include the “ transportation of solid waste direction installation from Boracay to Caticlan ; the building of low-cost mainland lodging to ease migration and congestion in Boracay ; improved conveyance installation between Boracay and Caticlan ; development of Caticlan ‘s airdrome and marina ; a Caticlan-based full service infirmary to react to exigencies, and ; an agro-industrial centre in Caticlan with ice and cold storage installations and a public market. ” Issues like migration, zoning, deficiency of wellness installations and medical forces, ocular and noise pollution, solid waste and H2O direction, energy supply and intra- and inter-island conveyance are besides addressed. In add-on, the edifice of educational installations offering tourism-related services, environmental direction and eco-tourism in Caticlan was besides recommended to raise the consciousness of the locals to go on preserving, prolonging and developing the island that is considered as one of the Philippines ‘ most cherished and cherished natural resources. .A

To get down with the selling and strategic direction development, the IFC conducted a web selling seminar for local functionaries and business communities to better and hone their accomplishments and use the usage the Internet to market Boracay and better and build-up its image. A separate forum for possible investors was besides held in Manila.

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