The Qualities of an Effective Teacher

The index of characteristics required to be an effective teacher is fairly expansive, and a bulleted list would surpass the suggested length of this paper by a mile. Therefore, I will just recall three of my best teachers, one each from elementary, middle, and high school, and identify which main characteristic made them 50. Additionally, I will talk about a teacher who I found to be ineffective, and discuss why I feel that way to this day. My third-grade teacher was the first of these three, and I selected her because of the encouragement she gave me to continue reading I had always loved to read (and still do), but by third grade I was beginning to grow bored with the literature we were being assigned to read independently both at home and in class I would finish books much too quickly and would find my mind wandering in my spare time.

In fact, at the beginning of the year, this time allowed me to learn cursive writing independently and ahead peers, much to the dismay of my teacher.

I’m grateful that she noticed how bored I was growing with the reading selection in the classroom, because she went out of her way to provide me with more intriguing and immersive texts to read. Silently reading at my desk for half an hour became my favorite segment of the clay, and I would look forward to it from the moment I hung my backpack up on its hook. In fact, by the end of third grade I mastered the technique of reading my book on my lap under my desk inconspicuously.

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Aside from my parents, I credit this teacher for much of my love of reading. In middle school, my eighth grade.

Reading and Language Arts teacher held the position of my favorite. She was grumpy, snappy, irritable, sarcastic, and very intelligent; I adored her. Her main favorable quality was how down to earth she was, and how I was able to talk to her about absolutely anything, something I had never felt comfortable doing with my other teachers before. I valued her opinion, both on school matters and personal ones, and often sought her out for advice. She gave me interesting book suggestions and was always willing to talk about the latest one either of us had read. She wasn’t very tolerant of disruptive students, something that I valued in a class where l was able to read a book of my personal choice frequently. Altogether, her firm personality grounded me at a time in my life where I needed stability, and for that I am thankful. My third and final favorite teacher was my junior year AP Language and Composition teacher.

She was a short, compact woman who had enough personality and presence in a room for somebody three times her size The thing that attracted me most to this teacher was her charisma; her ability to captivate a room was astounding, Despite it often being my first class of the day, I was rarely inattentive She was understanding of her students and their troubles, and was perfectly willing to look over a paper for a second or third time and offer advice on how to improve it. Her charisma made it so that even when she was being brutally honest about the inadequacy of a certain paper, I knew that she was really just trying to help and wanted the best for my education. Her harsh critiques only furthered my literary skills, and allowed me to score quite highly on the AP exam in the spring. I will remember her fondly as quite possibly my favorite teacher of all time. Unfortunately, my experience with all of my teachers wasn’t this amazing, and in fact there is one in particular who I was not very fond of.

He was my junior year Chemistry teacher, and head of the school baseball team as well. His favoritism of the male athletes in the class was noticeable, and only furthered by distaste for him as a teacher. He didn‘t want to spend any more time with his students than he had to, and much preferred to recount baseball games than go over the periodic table in class. To this day, mention of his name causes my brow to furrow as I frustratedly recall my less-than-satisfactory learning experience in his classroom He was a stickler for the rules that he himself had devised, and was unwilling to negotiate or bend on any matter I was overjoyed when I passed his class because it meant that I would never have him as my teacher again. I’m sure you’ve noticed a common theme between my favorite teachers; they were all involved with literature and my love of reading. I don‘t know whether this is because I like books so much orjust that literary teachers often have a similar outlook on matters Regardless, I aspire to be a teacher similar to my the three examples listed, for doing so would mean that I have become an effective one

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