Qualities That Make A Good Team Member

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A good team member will demonstrate several key qualities and will be able to contribute effectively to the team goals. The key qualities include communication, commitment, empathy, active listening, adaptability, flexibility, emotional stability, time management, owning responsibility and assertiveness, positive attitude, honesty etc. These are a combination of qualities, strengths, traits, values or skills. The set of qualities that a team member needs to possess and demonstrate also depends on the type of profession the team member belongs to e g in customer service, project management or medical  support teams, different set of qualities may be considered essential.

The strength of any team is each individual member and the strength of each member is the team. (Phil Jackson). A good team member will strive for excellence, which helps achieving the team’s goals and eventually the success of any organisation.

The MedicineNursing and Health care sectors require professionally qualified personnel, and having efficient teams with competent team members with a synergy between teams within these sectors is extremely vital.

The operations in these sectors require high functioning teams wherein, there is a nearly accurate coordination and cooperation between different teams (Doctors, Nurses, Administrators  other Non-medical staff and other stakeholders e g support workers, social workers, voluntary organisations and others) is required. A Nurse is a frontline warrior of the team who is in direct and maximum contact and communication with the patients compared to others in the sector, and as a good team member, has to demonstrate the required qualities, and to contribute for mutual support within the team itself during stressful times, besides rendering efficient services to the patients  service users.

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There are sectors wherein a team member can put the head down, finish own work  targets and that completes their contribution to the team e g a cashier, a plumber, a factory worker and such others. However, a Nurse, being in a profession that requires utmost responsibility towards the patients and other stakeholders, has to demonstrate a specific set of qualities viz. commitment, empathy, kindness, communication, interpersonal, emotional stability, compassion, time management, working in pressure, multi-tasking, time management, attention to detail, patience, adaptability, flexibility, prioritising, active listening, problem-solving, supporting and respecting others, physical stamina, ethics, self-motivation, a desire to learn (and CPD), a willingness to share knowledge and owning responsibility etc. There is nothing like a typical day for a Nurse (and so, for several other professions). For a Nurse, each day is full of newer challenges and hence a Nurse has to be on hisher toes, with unbeatable commitment, stamina and composure. A good sense of humor will also help all including the Nurse in easing the tense moments and take informed and prudent decisions!

At conscious or sub-conscious level, a good team member in any sector, echoes in hisher daily work, the words of Maya Angelou ‘’I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’’

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