The Importance of Good Guidance from Teachers with Effective Study Skills for Students

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Does a student who puts in the time, effort, and hard work into studying deserve to fail? There have been many instances of where a student goes through hours of studying for a test and just ends up coming back with a letter grade of a D or lower. Some point to the fact that students aren’t studying the right way, but in reality students are never really taught how to study. In most cases, teachers simply tell students to review the chapter, terms, etc.

Teachers can tell their students to study, but if students aren’t taught efficient ways to take in the information, there is no way students are going to pass the test.

Regardless if the student studies for a couple of minutes, hours, or even days the students still will not pass the test. Then there are the other students who can study for a short amount of time and still pass the test. Those students have certain ways of studying which allows them to take in the most important information needed to pass the test.

Most teachers around the country excel at teaching a certain subject. They do everything possible so that the students in the class are able pass the class. Teachers go over chapters, lecture, give out worksheets, assign homework, and most importantly test a student’s knowledge by giving out tests. The one thing they don’t do is teach good ways to study and in return sometimes receive unacceptable tests grades.

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Donna St. George a Washington Post columnist reported earlier this that “Thousands of students in Montgomery County failed final exams in high school math courses last semester, according to data that raise questions about how well students have learned the material and whether there is a disconnect between the test and the course work”. This means that teachers can always give plenty of work but if they don’t focus on the students passing the test it will always result in failure.

In order for students to pass quizzes and tests students have to study. How to study is the question. Most students just open up the book and read the chapters word for word. Reading the chapter word for word is an insufficient way to study. Reading the book is a good thing but taking in so information is not; the brain can only hold so much information. According to Susan Reynolds, a science writer, “that information overload not only leaves people feeling frustrated and emotionally depleted, it actually causes cognitive impairment.” This means too much information can cause a student to not want to study anymore which results in failure. Students who read the textbook should know what to look for and study and that’s what teachers don’t teach. Students can save time and learn more if they know what to look for while reading the book.

Good study methods/habits are important when preparing for a test. The best way to study is to “learn how to study in the most effective way”(Gujjar et al. 28). Memorizing facts is one thing, but a student also has to know where and how to get the information and make it relevant(Gujjar et al. 28). “A student must decide what information is important and then form opinions concerning it” (Gujjar et al. 29). Making personal opinions on a specific subject is an easy way to remember something.

Students who spend plenty of time studying do not deserve to fail. All those hours put into studying shouldn’t get put to waste. In order for a student to succeed on a test there has to be a connection between the student and the teacher. The main way a student will be “successful when teachers fully know their subject matter and effectively communicate it to the students and while the students have a clear view of their abilities, have good study habits and are able to use effective study skills”(Gujjar et al. 28). Combining good guidance from a teacher with a student with effective study skills allows the student to pass the test.

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