Qualities Of A Good Waiter

Most people see a waiter or waitress and think that anybody can do their job. Although this could be true for some it’s not always true for all of them. It takes a person with a certain set of skills and qualities to be what is considered a “good” waiter or waitress. Qualities like: people skills, organization, attention to detail, and professionalism. Waiters and waitresses should always use these qualities so that consumers enjoy their meals and their overall restaurant experience.

People skills for waiters and waitress’ are: always smile, have energy, have a friendly behavior, have good time sense, and ensure customer satisfaction. These things are important because waiters and waitress’ are the face of the restaurant. So therefore it is very important that he or she is always smiling. Smiles help the customer feel welcome and it helps him or her keep his or her stamina up. Waiters and waitress’ have to have a lot of energy because it is a very physically demanding job.

He or she is always on his or her feet, moving from table to table, filling drinks, taking orders, filling orders, going to kitchen to pick up orders, so he or she is always moving. Plus, he or she has to carry heavy trays and highchairs. Along, with moving around products in the storeroom, all of this is tiring and hard but he or she should never let on to being worn out. He or she should continue to have a friendly behavior.

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Waiters and waitresses that have a friendly behavior always get complemented. People are always telling the boss how much they loved being waited on by him or her.

What Makes A Good Waiter

That he or she was so nice and extremely polite. Waiters and waitress’ that use this skill or quality always have an easy time with customers they hardly ever have a distasteful customer or one that leaves unhappy or unsatisfied. Plus, with having this quality they are always able to get things done on time. Waiters and waitresses need to have a wonderful sense of time. He or she should know how long it takes to prepare the meals on the menu. He or she should found out if his or her customer is in a hurry or is there to enjoy a night out.

He or she should always try to get his or her customer their meal quickly and with the best quality. With making sure that everything is done in a timely fashion the customer is very happy and satisfied. Waiters and waitresses should strive to satisfy their customers. I satisfied customer is always a happy customer. It’s important for customers to be satisfied so that they will want to return to the restaurant. A satisfied customer tells their friends about the wonderful quality of food and the respectful waiters or waitresses.

Customers base everything off their experience and more times than other the whole experience is based on the attitude and the qualities of the waiter or waitress. A very important part to satisfying a customer is for the waiter or waitress to be organized. Organization is key to a customer having an enjoyable experience. “Waiters and waitresses take multiple meals and orders and one slip up can cause the wrong meal to go to the wrong table or a customer’s order not to be filled right” (Kaho, 2013). Ways to keep this from happening to make sure that everything is written done, repeat everyone’s order back to them, and make sure that you look out for when it is the right time to do things, like when to bring the meals, when to get the drinks, the meal, dessert, etc. ” (Rashwan, 2013). Organization helps to make everything easier and it makes everything go faster. Organization also helps to make sure that every little detail gets done and heard.

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Qualities Of A Good Waiter
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