Qualities Of A Good Nurse

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Qualities of a Good Nurse


I was prompted to fall in nursing because of several life experiences. I used to experience incapacitated when I saw one of my household members fall sick and I could non make anything to assist them ease their torment. I would sit and acquire deep idea and wishes that I could assist if merely I had appropriate preparation. I observed how the nurses were sort and caring whenever any of my household members fell badly.

I normally became compassionate since their torment could non be alleviated. I am happy to fall in nursing and can non repent about of my determination. Nursing is more of a naming than merely a mere calling. The proof of this paper is to foreground the life experiences and desirable traits of a nurse.

What Are Some Qualities Of A Good Nurse?

There are both good and worse experiences in nursing profession ; nevertheless. they ne’er scared me off from this profession.

I am bit by bit learning and developing as an person and go more enthusiastic about nursing profession every twenty-four hours. The satisfaction I accrue mundane is overpowering. since it feels great to assist others in their clip of demand. The experiences I got when I saw my household members fall badly made me acknowledge that I wanted to be portion of the nursing profession and that I had capacity to suit in nursing profession. I got struck with a feeling of fulfilment. intent. cognizing that I could touch someone’s life.

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I learnt a batch of things from the nurses who attended my female parent when she was sick ( Bluni. 2009 ) .

My experience with the nurses helped me to larn that listening accomplishments and communicating aboard attention and comfort help the nurses to advance patients’ wellness mentally. physically and emotionally. The nurses attended my female parent on a day-to-day footing and candidly cared about her state of affairs. The nurses were capable to pass on with other patients. physicians and the other workers efficaciously. Leading nurses are able to follow instructions with minimal supervising and relaxation in pass oning with households and patients. A good nurse should be an advocator for their patients and predict their demands. Successful communicating ability in nursing profession builds up high degree of satisfaction while seting off medical bad lucks. Nurses should besides listen keenly to orders from their physicians and do notes where necessary ( Watson. 1898 ) .

I came to larn that nurses can work in assorted undertakings. but they should besides join forces with fellow workers. Nurses can non supply effectual attention to all patients without aid from others. because some state of affairss are difficult to manage and random. For the nurses to supply effectual services to their patients. they require teamwork ( Gokenbach. 2013 ) . I realized that a good nurse should be compassionate. They should be concerned about the household and the patient who is undergoing hurting. A great nurse should be empathic by listening and understanding the challenges confronting their patients. Finally. I learnt that a good nurse should be incapacitated. The nurse who was go toing my female parent could lose tiffin to keep her manus. In other experiences. some nurses did extraordinary things for patients merely because they were incapacitated ( Bluni. 2009 ) .

In decision. life experiences with ailing household members provoked me to fall in nursing profession. I came to larn I had capacity to touch someone’s life. and this was merely through nursing. There are several desirable traits of a leading nurse that are compassionate. selfless. lovingness. first-class communicating accomplishments and self-awareness. These qualities help nurses to supply efficient services to their patients and be able to work as a squad to carry through their responsibilities.


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Qualities Of A Good Nurse
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