To kill a mocking bird. Admirable qualities of Atticus Finch

This story has all the qualities of a great fiction novel. That is why the novel is so famous fifty four years later. When I read this story, I got lost in the intricate plot, and remained entertained through Gem, Dill, and Scout’s adventures, all the way to the heart wrenching ending. Like many books, this novel contains a unique cast of admirable characters who demonstrate a variety of likable qualities. Tactics Finch, one of the mall characters, exhibits many honorable traits that any reader would appreciate.

In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mocking Bird Tactics illustrates the qualities of being humble, intelligent, and ultimately courageous. Firstly, Tactics is a very humble man. He doesn’t let pride get the best of him, and he always pushes to do the right thing. An example of his humbleness is when he allows Walter Cunningham, a little boy who is a poor farm child, into his home for dinner one evening.

The thought of having a poor farm boy Into a wealthy, successful lawyer’s home In today’s world Just doesn’t happen.

But Tactics TLD care about how much money someone had or the type of clothes they had on their back: anyone was welcome into his home. Scout, Tactics’ daughter didn’t think the same. She said, “He into company, Tactics, he’s Just a Cunningham. ” California, Tactics’ house maid, knew that Tactics allowed anyone into their home and replied, “Hush your mouth! Don’t matter who they are, anybody sets foot in this house you company and don’t let me catch you remarking on their ways like you was so high and mighty… ” (Lee 33).

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It Is evident that Tactics had his home pen to anyone and you can tell that he teaches his children the same. And doesn’t want them to think they are better than anyone else. When necessary his house maid, California, has to remind them every so often of their fathers rules Another example is that, Tactics is highly intelligent. Not only is he book smart, but he is very street smart, too. Tactics is a lawyer, so he knows the law, and being a lawyer takes a lot of knowledge. In the book it says, “Tactics Finch went to Montgomery to read law. ” (Lee 5) So he knew all the rules and regulations federally and In state.

Also, being a lifelong citizen, everyone knew Tactics and he knew everyone, he knew his neighbors and how they felt about certain situations. For example, when Tom Robinson was at the Jail house, Tactics suspected that something fishy might go down. So Tactics spent that night at watch, protecting Tom Robinson. And Just as he suspected, all the towns’ men came late that night to try and hurt Tom Robinson, but Tactics was there to stop him. This makes It safe to say Tactics’ Intelligence and gut feeling saved Tom Robinsons life, Lastly, Tactics Is a very courageous man.

One example is he is a single parent raising two children, has a steady job, and keep up his household. Another example, which is the main subject in the story is that, Tactics defended Tom Robinson, a young black man accused of a sexually heinous crime; raping a white woman. During that time, if a black person was accused of something, they were automatically guilty. But Tactics believed that Tom was wanted a fair case. He didn’t care about what anyone said, or how they felt about him. He knew it was his Job and duty to do the right thing, even if it had uniqueness.

For that reason, Tactics is found to be very courageous for wanting to do the right thing even when the outcome may have been inevitable. In conclusion, there are many reasons why Tactics Finch is a likeable character in To Kill a Mocking Bird. Ultimately, him being humble, intelligent, and courageous makes him admirable. In particular these traits teach people important values that all mankind should exhibit and strive to live life with. Lee’s novel is definitely a novel whose admirable characters leave a lasting impression on all of its readers.

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