The Characteristics and Impact of an Effective Teacher in the Classroom

When it comes to teaching it doesn’t matter how much you went to school or where you went, what matters is how effective you are as a teacher. An effective teacher is someone who doesn‘t just give the children knowledge but gives them the extra push so they can use their knowledge. A great example of a teacher who gives the students all the right tools is Rafe, the teacher who was the “star“ of a documentary following a classroom to show how one teacher can impact so many One of the things that made Rafe such an effective teacher was the fact that he gave them the opportunity to be who they were and he didn’t ever discourage them He also brought in material that challenged the students to their maximum potential Things like this make the teacher effective because it gives the students the chance to see what they really can do and what they can accomplish when lead in the right direction.

By Rafe simply not discouraging his students he opened up a million doors for them to be able to expand their knowledge.

He never told them they couldn’t do something and he even encouraged them to do things that were beyond their reach. Rafe didn‘t just go to his job each day to get a paycheck, he is one of the few who gets up every morning to do his job because he loves what he does. He understands the value of an education and he knows how important it is to be completely engaged in learning A couple of things that really stuck with me from the documentary were the educational trips the students got to go on, and the plays they put on Those two things stuck with me the most because they were the things that let the students be involved in their learning, They weren‘tjust reading about history they were seeing it and touching it.

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And with the plays they put on, they weren’t just reading a book, they were experiencing the emotion and the passion that is in the plays. The students also know that the things they get to do aren’t just for fun, but for education.

Even though many of the students come from homes that are broken they have something to look forward to and something that helps them thrive. Rafe is an effective teacher in my eyes just because he is will to reach out and do the “impossible“. He truly believes that each student can do anything and he shows that by the way he teaches and encourages his students One of the things that shows this is the students who talked about their other teachers who would not answer their questions more than once Rafe isn’t afraid to go over the same thing again and again All he cares about is that the students fully understand what they are doing Another thing I particularly liked about Rafe was the part of the film where he was talking to the students who had been caught cheating in math class. Instead of picking them out in front of the entire class he brought them aside and gave them the opportunity to explain what they did and why it was wrong. This is effective because it shows the students what they did was not ok but it also doesn‘t belittle them in front of their fellow classmates.

This is a good thing because if a student’s feels as belittled in front of or by their peers they are not going to want to do very much. An effective teacher isn’t someone who just teaches, it is someone who gets involved in learning. Unlike many others have done to them in the past, Rafe never told his student‘s they couldn‘t. That is something students unfortunately don’t hear enough Rafe helps his students learn by engaging them in their environment and by letting them make the right choices in life. He brings in material for them to learn that relates to their personal lives, and he lets them figure out how everything ties together Although he is there to help them reach the answers he never just tells them what it is. He helps his students succeed and he is the teacher that students will remember. By watching the student’s reaction to the last day of school with him it is clear that he impacted them forever. Each of students has the potential to do so many great things and he let them see that by letting them experience the impossible.

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