The Phenomenon Of Social Networks And Its Protagonist

Topics: Mark Zuckerberg

The Social Network has its protagonist; a character depicted as a high-achieving individual who carries within him the seeds of his destruction. Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg), the individual behind the social network phenomenon is the main character of the film. Zuckerberg exhibits task-oriented traits given that he doesn’t care about money, but became the world’s youngest billionaire even though he lost his true friend. Through leader elimination, the film manages to portray and present the complexities and interests of human personality elaborately and ordinarily.

David Fincher, the director of the film, comes up with the idea of the movie given the expert power attributes of Mark Zuckerberg who designed Facebook. He is by far the smartest and the most creative throughout the whole movie and shows it in multiple ways. The innovation created by Zuckerberg in the film fills in the gap for the need for solution acceptance leading to productive conflict. Fincher and Sorkin are maybe not the most evident match to handle the tale of Zuckerberg’s ascent to Internet command because of goal setting and clarifying.

However, the discussion about adapting conclusive clubs on the internet in a bar where Zuckerberg comes up with the idea and makes a trip back to his Kirkland House apartment turns out to be the perfect inventive association that demonstrates on-task difficulty.

Socially clumsy, mechanically wise, and significantly forlorn Harvard sophomore flashes a social sensation in 2004 when he makes a long-range informal communication site on “Facebook” after three individual understudies.

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Hence, he is the theoretical decision-maker. The film depicts Mark Zuckerberg as a monopolizer who is progressively turning out to be powerful. He appears not to follow anyone’s rules nor listen to anyone. He makes his own decisions and does not care if it is wrong or right. He can be described as being an aggressor. Every idea his team had was shut down or attacked personally. His brains got the best of him, making him feel insecure and not confident which led him to become very negative in many ways. He became unethical in his decisions and his assertive behavior made him lose the ones who mattered the most.

In The Social Network, three individuals are seen to work to get money, however, their inspirations overwhelm the need for money. People got greedy and worried leading to distrust and dishonesty. At some point, the three friends experience expeditor problems due to problems with task group roles resulting in negative group roles. In any case, what characterizes Fincher’s heading in The Social Network is a loyalty to the letter of the content. It takes a specific amusing separation to compose a dramatization out of the establishment of Facebook. Furthermore, it is a nominal group technique to try and notice the genuine enchantment behind the Facebook story. In meetings given after making the film, Sorkin brags about the problem statement concerning the Internet and Facebook. Zuckerberg is a social decision-maker, as evident from how he came up with an idea that would benefit others. The historical backdrop of American entrepreneurship is only that history told with various advances on various occasions and places.

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