The US Government's Use of Telecommunications Networks to Its Advantage

Technology in today’s era has been very well facilitated and very convenient if it is put in the right hands, but it can also take away or eliminate your freedom of privacy. The government with the help of other telecommunication networks have had the ability to spy on us from our iPhones such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. The government has been able to do this over the years and has been able to acquire extraordinary access to our privacy.

But our government is not the only one to be doing this many civilizations before us such as the greeks and romans were also brought into this type of technology and have been able to be involved in spying back then and now. And because of this technology, it has changed the landscape of many countries because it makes it attainable and feasible to collect any piece of data or information about literally anyone on this planet. Our citizens need to be more strict on government control and on what they can or cannot have in terms of iPhone data and information on any type of technology or resource.

The United States of America has already taken steps into building this type of technology that can be able to listen, hear and potentially spy on us. It was originally created to spy of the Soviet leaders, but is now being used to observe Americans and keep them under surveillance. These 2 powerful technology tools now called the Echelon and Tempest could be a threat to our society and our privacy they have the ability to, “intercept and analyzes telephone calls, faxes and e-mail sent to and from the United States (Echelon).

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The other system, Tempest, can secretly read the displays on personal computers, cash registers and automatic teller machines, from as far as a half mile away”(Wilson). This proves that by having access to these different types of objects the government is getting more and more closer to our personal privacy and sooner than later will be having further access to obtain more of our personal information.As a result of these 2 systems being able to spy on us, our personal privacy could be slowly disappearing and later on in life the government will be able to have access to much more than they have now. These 2 systems provide access to almost everything and by having this, it will not stop.

Moreover, technology has made it possible for any person to disclose any type of information and has allowed any types of our personal information available to anyone and anything. This opens up a door for the government and other types of agencies to be able to spy through our phones or any type of cellular device. Our phones are something that we have become very dependent on and without them we would be lost in a world where all there is, is technology and its impossible of stopping because it will only keep growing and growing and it is terrifying to think that we would not care if they are spying on us because either we are still going to use our phone because we have been so conditional on our phones and we use them 24/7. All of the apps we use such as snapchat, twitter, instagram, facebook, etc. have the capability to uncover all of our data and personal information because, “All of our e-mail messages, SMS messages, itemized phone bills and connections to Facebook and Twitter, (etc) are then stored for years”(Ghitis).

By having all of our data stored for years by the government gives them control over us as American people, it gives them a sense a power over us and by having a stricter government control we can limit the things that they can or can not have or see. We are easily giving them entrance to our cellular devices everytime we agree to the terms of policy and who knows what good this could be used for. This can either corrupt and destroy our society by having all of our text messages and information out for anyone to see and their definitely need to be an extent and limit to this type of contact.

Now in days the government will have use to any type of file and security data we have, and some people may say that it’s a good things they have these type of systems in place to protect us from the evil that’s around us such as if there is a terrorist or someone with horrible intentions trying to harm us, the government can pick up on that and go through any emails, text messages or phone calls they have made and track them down.

They may also say that it is a good thing because if there is an investigation in place where a certain person has committed a certain drug or sex crime they can now have access to your personal information and arrest you on whether you did or did not do it because they now have everything that is kept secret on your phone, However by giving the government the ability to work with companies such as apple or any other company that produces phones, is like giving some part of our life away because everything important and useful that we have because now the government has the ability and the advantage to not only look but go further in depth and spy on us whenever they think is necessary , in a article called, “7 Reasons a Government Backdoor to the iPhone Would be Catastrophic,” it states that “Forcing a private company to become an investigative agent for the government is an extreme proposition that wouldn’t stop with this one phone.

There’s a big difference between compelling a company to hand over information already in its possession and compelling a company to serve as a spy for the government… it would make for an unprecedented expansion of government overreach — not just into our data, but into our creative agency”(Yachot).” This shows that all of a sudden now our privacy, all of our personal information and data just puts us at risk of the government of advancing more and more in expanding our security and our knowledge about what we do know so that the government can control us and have the power and authority to interfere in whatever the deem obligatory. Our privacy is slowly disappearing and very soon we won’t have it if we don’t stop this now. The government has strategic ways to have systems put in place to make these things seem normal when in reality it’s really scary to think about especially because they can be hearing and listening right now.

Many people today use social media, the web, apps, and many other technology advances for many different reasons and our iphones hold the key to everything. The government uses our phones to be able to spy, listen in, and hear what we are saying its a very known fact. The American people need to be more strict on government control, we can not just stand by and let this happen because our privacy is something really important to us and it can not just be taken away. The government has already created systems in place to control the people of the U.S and possibly other countries called the Tempest and the Echelon. They also have all our text messages and emails in any case of an investigation or case that you are involved in that could be used for evidence.

Also they have all our data saved from any apps such as Instagram, snapchat, facebook, etc. Just by all these different types of social media they have all our information and they are keeping control of us and sooner or later we won’t have privacy.Our personal privacy is slowly disappearing and we have to do something about that.The government can be intruding and over reaching our personal privacy. If we give the government that advantage and allow and permit them to do this soon they will be be controlling more than we will anticipate. We as citizens have let this happen because we are so dependent on our iphones or just any electronic device that it wouldn’t even matter because we are still going to use them and we just have to have them.

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