Telecommunications Internet and Wireless Technologies

The following sample essay talks about telecommunications, the internet, and wireless technologies. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

Case 1: Telepresence Moves Out of the Boardroom and Into the Field

List and discuss briefly the benefits claimed by Cisco for its In-person experiences using telepresence.

The benefits claimed by Cisco for its In-person experiences using telepresence include;

There is reduced travel time and also expenses. Since you can hold meetings in different places from one location.

It is s green technology so less pollution.

Improvement in productivity due to its efficiency since one can deliver a service or resource from anywhere on demand.

There is scaling of expertise since it`s a growing technology and has a accelerating time to the market.

The customer experience will be revolutionary since it will give the customer a more efficient in terms of time, resources and a presence like experience with a client from anywhere in the world.

Telepresence will bring about unity in the global organization.

AXA is a global financial services firm. Describe why they invested in telepresence.

Since a global firm needs to communicate internally, and with customers globally. AXA found that traditional executive travel was too expensive. They wanted an immersive experience which would have the executives in the same room even if they were thousands of miles away from each other. This would help them improve the decision making process in terms of speed and quality of the decisions.

Why does AXA need special rooms dedicated to telepresence? Why can`t conferences take place at the desktop?

Special rooms are used because the telepresence technology requires monitors that are larger than those of desktop units and also the system requires complex and special networking and computing equipment.

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All this technology needed to be implemented in special large rooms like conference rooms so that the telepresence can offer the best experience.

4. In the past, work was organized into central buildings located in central locations (like cities) in order to facilitate face-to-face interactions. What impacts might telepresence have on the organization of work? How could you use these tools to organize work on a global scale even when employees are in different physical locations?

Telepresence could rule out the need for large centralized headquarter buildings across a country since it would open up the possibility of global corporations would be managed through telecommuting and there will be much less of business and management travel across the globe. It opens up the possibility of making decisions with greater speed and precision since people can do it with less hustle from wherever they are in the globe.

Case 2: Virtual Collaboration for Lotus Sametime

Based on the video and text of the case, list and briefly describe five areas where either version of Sametime may increase employee productivity. What do you think will produce the greatest increase in employee productivity?

Sametime may increase employee productivity by;

Improving access of information since all employees can upload information to a specific room thus access is fast and there is restriction on who can get them.

Improving communication since the lotus Sametime would offer better communication.

Easy creation of meetings since virtual rooms can be created for meetings.

Saving time since people do not need to move or travel to a certain physical location.

Reduce the stress experienced by employees in terms of moving to meetings and this will reduce conflicts and fatigue and increase productivity in all aspects.

How does Lotus Sametime support collaboration? What are the additional benefits of the virtual environment?

Lotus Sametime supports collaboration by creating an environment where employees communicate with one another, share documents and have discussions posing their own opinions on any matter. By this they work together towards a shared goal hence collaboration.

The case mentions presence awareness. What is presence awareness, and of what use is it?

Presence awareness refers to a very rich visual and aural experience made possible by new technologies. They include high speed processors, very large broadband telecommunications links needed to process and share the visual environment. The primary value of presence awareness is to re-create the emotional content of real, face-to-face meetings which are much more expensive to arrange with remote work teams. Presence awareness also refers to the ability of these enterprise level collaboration environments to keep track of the whereabouts of managers and employees, and make communication with them more likely and easier.

What types of communication are integrated within Sametime’s digital environment? What type of communication is missing? Does it make a difference?

Online communication is integrated into the Sametime`s digital environment, they include ; chats, virtual notes, VoIP, taking polls, instant messaging. The face to face communication is missing. I believe that the face to face communication plays an important role in the business world due to its verbal and nonverbal communication cues all rolled into one person. Face to face interaction also bears emotion and can have weight in collaborative decision making process.

5. Do you think that virtual collaboration using avatars is more or less effective than traditional methods of collaboration (which include face-to-face, traveling to meetings, telephone conference calls, e-mail, and instant messaging)?

Virtual collaboration using avatars is more effective than traditional methods of collaboration such as face to face communication. Although face to face communications bear some advantages that cannot be replaced by any other method with the same effects like gaining audience attention instantly, receive feedback immediately and respond spontaneously. However the face to face communication has its disadvantages like power difference communication where employees may be afraid to lay out their opinion not to contradict the employer. Business trips are also too expensive when meeting in person, and also while organizing these meetings it may be difficult especially when the people are in different locations and have different schedules.

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