Advantage Of Text Based Communication

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Today, cell phones are a major part of our life. It has made things much more convenient by enabling us to communicate with others in a small amount of time. One of the most used functions on the cell phone is not the phone, but the instant text messaging. Who wouldn’t love such a quick, easy method of communication? Just flip open your cell phone, type in a quick “meet me @ 2 plz” and press send. Text messaging is an easy and discrete way of communicating with others, but it has its disadvantages and advantages.

It is not a surprise why texting can cause so man problems physically and mentally.

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There are several advantages for texting rather than having a voice communication. One main argument of why texting is better is that it gives a lot of discretion. Text messaging allows you to communicate with others in situations where a face-to-face or phone conversation is no possible or appropriate.

For example, I rather send a text message to my boss, saying that I will be out sick today; rather than call him and have a proper conversation. I prefer text messaging here because I don’t need to know what or how my boss feels about me calling in sick. Other advantages include, record keeping.

If someone sends you a text message, you have physical proof of that text until you delete it, whereas on the phone you have no place to store or record the conversation.

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With these advantages, people ask why can’t they just send email rather than text messages. Sending emails from your phone uses internet and with the technology increasing daily, the cost for these internet services are increasing too. Also, a person is more likely to check his phone more often than his computer. Along with the advantages, there are also several disadvantages for texting. The main disadvantage is that there is no tone or mood in the conversation.

This can lead to confusion and misinterpretation. For example, I know several people who had major fights in their relationships just because of misinterpreted text messages. Texting also has medical disadvantages. Studies show how the radiation emitted from these phones can damage brain cells. It can also take up large amount of time that can be used for something important. Another disadvantage is that texting has changed the importance of grammar and the correct spelling, causing many problems because people simply do not know how to write formally and accurately. After texting started, the language of texting was born.

Grammar, spelling, abbreviation did not matter anymore, which is why texting is largely popular with the younger generation. Finally, one last disadvantage is that texting is so popular now that people even use it while driving. Texting while driving is a growing issue today, especially with the teenagers. Texting while driving does not only take your mind of the road, but from your eyes too. With car which can easily travel over hundred miles per hour has made it even more dangerous for drivers who text. A mille-second is all that is needed for a fast paced car to go out of control; from there it’s all a disaster.

One thing is certain. Interpersonal connections and socialization is changing. While the speed and ease of cell phones and texting seem to be making communication more frequent, it is also becoming less personal and intimate and is causing us to become more illiterate. Meaningful face to face conversations are becoming more difficult for younger generations and written communication is becoming a thing of the past. People can argue over the disadvantages and advantages of texting, but if not used accordingly the disadvantages have a bigger impact over the advantages.

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Advantage Of Text Based Communication
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