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In The Matthew Effect chapter of Outliers. Malcolm Gladwell states that a person’s success s attributed to the timing of their birth day of the month as it relates to the cut-off day of the months of athleticss and instruction. He believes that this one random day of the month is the start of a series of advantages that can finally take to success.

Although timing of a birth day of the month and chances can play a important factor in one’s success. they are non the exclusive finding of success. Gladwell fails to admit the critical function an individual’s aspiration and natural born endowment drama in making success or the important impact household influences can hold on one’s success.

What Is The Matthew Effect?


Since Biblical times. groups of people were separated by the rich persons and the have not’s.

Matthew 25:29 provinces “For unto everyone that hath shall be given. and he shall hold copiousness. But from him that hath non shall be taken off even that which he hath. ” ( Gladwell. 2008. p. 15 ) In chapter 1. of the Outliers ( 2008 ) . Malcolm Gladwell has a similar statement in “The Matthew Effect” . He argues that personal success is attributed to conceal advantages. such as someone’s birth day of the month. which in bend. creates chance through accumulative advantages. ( pg. 19 ) Gladwell calls these successful people “outliers” which he defines as “men and adult females who do things that are out of the ordinary” ( pg.

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17 ) . Although timing of a birth day of the month and chances play a important factor in one’s success. Gladwell’s theory that those are the exclusive finding of success is over simplified because it does non take into consideration the impact of one’s single aspiration. endowment. and household influences.


In Outliers. Gladwell states that “people don’t rise from nothing” ( pg. 19 ) and wholly discounts the function an individual’s aspiration dramas in accomplishing success. When a pupil. or an jock. possesses a strong desire for success. regardless of their age or birth day of the month. it drives them to stand out beyond the normal scope. A perfect illustration of this would be a immature miss named Stephanie Bradley. She wanted to be a physician. Stephanie grew up in a little bluish neckband community in rural Texas. Her parents were non college educated and lived merely somewhat above the poorness line. She attended a little. public. 2A high school. with mean instructors. In add-on. she was the youngest in her category. in instances. by more than a twelvemonth because of a mid-July birthday. What set her apart from the other pupils was her desire for success and her passion for medical specialty. This aspiration drove her to work difficult and smart. stay focused. and ne’er take her oculus off her ultimate end. Along the manner. she made forfeits. but ne’er veered off class. She didn’t have any chances above and beyond 1s she created on her ain.

Born With It

Sheer endowment is another cardinal factor responsible for success and lies with the group of jocks that achieve success without the benefit accumulative advantages. These are the jocks who are born with a endowment that supersedes the accomplishment of other jocks. There is a difference between accomplishment and endowment. Skill is something that requires developing and experience to make good. whereas. endowment is a natural ability to vie with exceeding ability. ( Bing lexicon. 2014 ) While this endowment is rare to happen. when it exist. these jocks can happen success regardless of where their birthday falls on a calendar. One such athlete exists right now on a local high school swim squad. Taylor is a high school fresher who didn’t compete in small league athleticss. since his parents were more artsy than athletic and they ne’er had the fiscal resources to pay for extracurricular activities. In his first-year twelvemonth. a friend asked him to fall in the swim squad. Having ne’er competed athletically. Taylor was hesitating but agreed. To everyone’s astonishment. he medaled at his first swim meet. Not merely in one event. but two. The following hebdomad. more success. more wins. His really first twelvemonth swimming. he won at territory. regional’s and is ranked 4th in the province. There is now talk of Olympic tests. He has competed and won against jocks who have been swimming since the age of four. hold logged 1000s of hours in the pool. and whose parents have spend tremendous sums of money on private managers. However. Taylor wins holding ne’er received those types of chances. He wins because of his natural born endowment.


An individual’s household influences can besides hold a important impact on one’s success. While Gladwell acknowledges that heritage and civilization program a function in success or failure as illustrated in the Harlan. Kentucky and The Ethic Theory of Plane Crashes chapters. he doesn’t recognition straight. the parents. grandparents. every bit good as. siblings that can supply a cardinal component in making success. For illustration. if a parent has a strong desire to go through along their cognition or accomplishments in a peculiar athletics. they are likely to get down that procedure at a really early age which consequences in increased pattern clip developing the child’s accomplishment. This parent might besides provide extra preparation above and beyond what a typical manager would supply. The household could besides hold connexions with managers or instructors that allow for added direction. Siblings can besides force persons to a higher degree of public presentation. For illustration. holding an older brother who plays baseball with a younger sibling will be supplying farther exposure that can develop their accomplishments. All this extra preparation and experience can develop a kid in front of the curve. regardless of their birth day of the month.

The Other 32 %

Gladwell’s illustration of the roll of hockey participants on the Medicine Hat squad showed that “seventeen of the 25 participants on the team” ( pg. 23 ) had the perfect birth month for the athletics. He credited their January. February. March and April birthdays for their success. However. that means that eight out of the 25 participants ( 32 % ) on the squad were successful. without the benefit of the perfect birth month. This group isn’t the largest per centum of participants on the squad but it does demo that success isn’t based on merely one factor. Gladwell’s statement that success stems from concealed advantages and chances created by those advantages is true in some instances ; successful people are non created from one expression. such as what month their birthday falls. That is merely one piece of the image of success. There are a battalion of factors i. e. aspiration. endowment and household that play a function in finding why person is successful and they all need to be encouraged and promoted.

Gladwell. Malcolm. Outliers. The Story of Success. New York City: Small. Brown and Company. 2008. 15-34. Print.

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