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SOCIAL MEDIA Social media is a platform where websites Paper

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SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media is a platform where websites and applications enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. This interaction can take many forms, but some common types include sharing links to interesting content produced by third parties Public updates to a profile, including information on current activities and even location data Sharing photos, videos and posts commenting on the photos, posts, updates, videos and links shared by others. Social networks are fundamental to human society, and digital technologies have accelerated their formation. More than one-fifth of the world’s population is now believed to be a member of one or more social media platforms.


Media today act as a watchdog to ensure open enthusiasm against misbehavior and create awareness. Today when government officials are taking full preferred standpoint of their positions and wrongdoing syndicate is making the life of the basic man hopeless, citizen’s cash is guided out for the individual gain of the persuasive and normal individuals are an insignificant observer media has a more noteworthy duty as the fourth mainstay of majority rule government alongside legal executive, official and council, media of today has a sweeping job to act against the bad form, abuse, offenses and favoritism of our general public.

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The Different Types Of Social Media Platforms To Serve Ads:

Social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+).

For microblogging there is Twitter and Tumblr

For photosharing: Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest

For video there is YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope and Vimeo).



Shaping-Reshaping Individuals’ Lives

The voice raised or picture appeared social media stages ranges to boundless clients immediately. It can take any single individual from namelessness to mass prevalence that can change his or her life for any reason. We have seen a few cases the in the ongoing past in the nation that needs also this considerable rundown. To cite on precedent would be suitable to talk about the ‘#ChaiWala’ found through social media.

Campaigning for a Cause/Marketing Tool

Battling for any social reason is unimaginable without the assistance of social media. Truth be told, a social media crusade of any reason assumes a key job in its prosperity. It has advanced as an entire promoting device that is a basic piece of 360-degrees circle now for each showcasing effort in light of its effort. A decent ongoing model is the #ThinkPink and other Breast Cancer Awareness crusades occurring around the nation.

There is still a lot to find out about the job social media can play being developed. While a hotspot for inventive ideas, social media additionally remain course to gossip, slander, misinformation, harassment, bullying and crime.

For example: Cyber bullying, Cyber crime and impersonation.

DIGITAL FINANCE: It very well may be characterized as the entrance and utilization of formal monetary administrations by underserved and poor populace through imaginative innovations like cell phone empowered solutions, electronic cash models, digital installment stages. Banks have been early and enthusiastic adopters of digital technologies, but a large number of the major innovations, such as online payments, mobile cash and digital monetary forms have originated from nonbank institutions, including telecom and web organizations. Digital fund holds a huge open door for more prominent money related incorporation and development of fundamental administrations. About half of individuals in the creating scene possess a cell phone. The test is colossal, with 2.5 billion people and more than 200 million private ventures lacking access to essential budgetary administrations and credit. Digital fund is an incredible way to extend access past budgetary administrations to different parts, including horticulture, transportation, water, wellbeing, instruction, and clean energy.

Digital finance can also be a powerful tool and an engine for job creation in developing countries

Conveying financial services through technological advancements, including by means of mobile money, can be an impetus for the arrangement and utilization of a differing set of other money related administrations – including credit, protection, funds, and financial education. The individuals who are currently rejected can appreciate extended access to cash exchange administrations, microloans, and protection. Digital fund additionally has an imperative task to carry out for private ventures. It furnishes them with access to financing as well as to electronic installment frameworks, secure money related items and an opportunity to construct a financial history.

Following are the examples of digital finance in Pakistan:

• Easypaisa

• Jazzcash

• Omni

• Online purchasing

• Atm

(Online payment, digital currency, mobile money) can be done through the above examples.

Digital Identity

A digital identity is information on an entity used by computer systems to represent an external agent. That agent may be a person, organization, application, or device.

A digital identity is comprised of characteristics, or data attributes, such as the following:

• Username and password

• Online search activities, like electronic transactions

• Date of birth

• Social security number

• Medical history

• Purchasing history or behavior

A digital identity is a number, code, record, object or collection of attributes that are used by information technologies to identify entities such as people, organizations, users and customers. The following are common types of identity.

• Government

• Government identification of people and organizations such as a birth certificate or corporate registration. Government identification is required to access services such as banking that are carefully tracked by governments for purposes such as compliance and taxation.

• Organizational

• Identification issued by organizations such as a school id or corporate id.

• Customer

• Identification of customers such as a bank card or a phone number.

• User

• A registration process that creates an account for a user. In some cases, users may use a pseudonym, nickname or pen name that allows some degree of anonymity.

• Transactional

• An temporary identity that is established for a single transaction.

• Anonymous

• An identity that is established specifically to allow a user to remain anonymous.

• Networking

• Network addresses such as an IP address.

• Machine

• Machine identifiers such as a serial number.

• Attributes

• A collection of attributes that together identify an entity. For example, marketing technologies may attempt to identify customers based on attributes such as IP address and phone number.


Digital birth registration

Digital Birth Registration is a marriage of the effectiveness, effort and facilitate that innovation brings, joined with the legitimate and arrangement necessities of enlisting a kid in Pakistan. It’s not tied in with rethinking the wheel – but rather about enhancing the current birth enrollment forms through the presentation of portable innovation.Telenor Pakistan, together with UNICEF and the Governments of Punjab and Sindh areas, trusted that the expanded appropriation of cell phones in Pakistan could offer an answer for empower a higher number of birth enlistments.

Biometric attendance

NADRA has built up an foolproof very anchored biometric participation framework that logs all the participation and section/leave occasions and produces easy to understand web reports for audit by the board. NADRAs Biometric Attendance Control System gives mechanized time and participation control, which is intended to encourage the representatives and in addition the association. Numerous online reports and email cautions can be produced which show all the happened occasions, forms and wanted information. NADRAs Biometric Attendance Control System works in a perfect world with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) instrument but at the same time is good with some other representative database. These filtering gadgets are likewise received by numerous foundations and organizations.


A blast in the volume of data, speed with which information are produced, the number of makers of data, the scattering of information and the scope of things on which there is information originating from new advancements, for example, cell phones and the web of things and from different sources, for example, subjective data, citizen-created information and perceptions information. Information are soul of basic leadership and crude and the crude material for responsibility. Without fantastic information giving the correct data on the correct things at the ideal time, designing, monitoring and assessing successful approaches turn out to be relatively inconceivable. As of late, mechanical improvements and political campaigning have turned this situation on its head. Information currently stream as a profound and wide deluge, are low in expense and bolstered by strong foundations, and are progressively open and available. An information upset is in progress, one that is as of now reshaping how learning is created, business led, and administration sanctioned, and additionally bringing up numerous issues concerning reconnaissance, protection, security, profiling, social arranging, and licensed innovation rights. As opposed to the promotion and hubris of much media and business inclusion, The Data Revolution gives a concise and basic investigation of the developing information scene. Available in style, the book gives:

• A synoptic overview of big data, open data and data infrastructures

• An introduction to thinking conceptually about data, data infrastructures, data analytics and data markets

• A critical discussion of the technical shortcomings and the social, political and ethical consequences of the data revolution

• An analysis of the implications of the data revolution to academic, business and government practices

Example of data revolution:

NADRA: National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has increased global acknowledgment for its accomplishment in giving answers for ID, e-administration and secure reports that convey multi-pronged objectives of relieving fraud, safe-guarding the interests of customers and encouraging people in general. Top to bottom Research and Development endeavors have empowered NADRA to wind up the pioneer in the regions of Software Integration, Data Warehousing and Network Infrastructure.

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This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on SOCIAL MEDIA Social media is a platform where websites and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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