Social networks are a platform for websites

Social media is a platform on which websites and applications allow users to create and share content or participate in social media. These interactions can take many forms, but some of the common types include exchanges of links to interesting content created by third parties. Public profile updates, including current activity information and even location data. Sharing photos, videos and messages, commenting on photos, messages, updates. , videos, and links others have shared. Social media is fundamental to human society, and digital technology has accelerated its formation.

More than one fifth of the world’s population is now believed to be members of one or more social networks.

The role of social media in social change

Today, the media acts as watchdogs to generate open enthusiasm against inappropriate behavior and to raise awareness. Today, with government officials completely prioritizing their positions and a crime syndicate making the life of the common man hopeless, citizens’ money is channeled to the individual benefit of persuasive and normal people – a minor observer, the media has a more remarkable duty.

As the fourth pillar of majority government, along with the executive branch, the official and the council, today’s media does an extensive job of fighting the bad taste, abuse, insult and favoritism of our general public.

Different types of social media platforms for serving ads:

  • Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+).
  • For microblogging, there is Twitter and Tumblr.
  • For photo sharing: Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.
  • For videos, there is YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, and Vimeo).

A raised voice or a popping up picture on social media immediately reaches out to limitless customers.

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This can lead to any individual from namelessness to mass distribution being able to change his or her life for any reason. We have seen several cases in the recent past in a country that also needed this significant reduction. To cite a precedent, it would be appropriate to talk about “#ChaiWala” found via social media.

Fighting for any social reason is unthinkable without the help of social media. In truth, the social media crusade takes on a key role in its prosperity for whatever reason. It has evolved into a full-fledged advertising device that is now a basic 360-degree circle for each display effort in light of its efforts. A worthy permanent model is the #ThinkPink campaign and other breast cancer awareness campaigns across the country.

There is still a lot to be learned about the kind of work social media can play. While social media is a hot spot for innovative ideas, it also stays true to gossip, defamation, misinformation, harassment, bullying, and crime.

For example: cyberbullying, cybercrime, and impersonation.

Digital Finance

Его очень хорошо можно охарактеризовать как введение и использование формальных денежных администраций малообеспеченным и бедным населением посредством творческих инноваций, таких как решения с поддержкой мобильных телефонов, модели электронных денег, этапы цифровых платежей. Банки были первыми и с энтузиазмом восприняли цифровые технологии, но большое количество основных инноваций, таких как онлайн-платежи, мобильные денежные средства и цифровые денежные формы, были созданы небанковскими учреждениями, включая телекоммуникационные и веб-организации.

It can very well be characterized as the introduction and use of formal monetary administrations by the poor and poor through creative innovations such as mobile phone-enabled solutions, e-money models, digital payment stages. Banks were the first to embrace digital technology with enthusiasm, but a large number of major innovations such as online payments, mobile money and digital money have been created by non-banking institutions, including telecommunications and web organizations.

The digital fund offers tremendous opportunities for more visible financial associations and the development of fundamental administrations. About half of the people involved in the creation of the scene own a mobile phone. The test is colossal, 2.5 billion people and more than 200 million private businesses do not have access to basic budget management and credit. The digital fund is an incredible way to expand past budget administrations’ access to different parts, including horticulture, transportation, water, wellness, education, and clean energy.

Digital finance can also be a powerful tool and engine for job creation in developing countries.

The transfer of financial services through technological advances, including through mobile money, could be an incentive to organize and use a different set of other administrations related to money ?? including credit, protection, funds and financial education. Individuals currently denied can appreciate enhanced access to cash exchange administration, microloans, and security. The digital fund also has a pressing challenge for private businesses. It provides them with access to finance, as well as electronic payment systems, ensures the security of funds and the ability to compile financial history.

Below are examples of digital finance in Pakistan:

  • Easypaisa
  • Jazzcash
  • Omni
  • Online shopping
  • ATM

(Online payment, digital currency, mobile money) can be done with the examples above.

Digital identity

Digital identity is information about an entity used by computer systems to represent a foreign agent. This agent can be a person, organization, application, or device.

Digital identity consists of characteristics or data attributes, such as the following:

  • Username and password.
  • Internet searches such as electronic transactions.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Social Security number.
  • Disease history.
  • Purchase history or behavior.

Digital identity is a number, code, record, object, or set of attributes that are used by information technology to identify entities such as people, organizations, users, and customers.

Digital birth registration

Digital birth registration is a combination of efficiency, effort and relief that innovation brings, coupled with the legal and organizational needs of child recruitment in Pakistan. Is this not related to reimagining the wheel ?? rather, it is about improving existing forms of newborn registration through the presentation of portable innovations. Telenor Pakistan, along with UNICEF and the Governments of the Punjab and Sindh regions, expressed confidence that the increased use of cell phones in Pakistan can offer a response to empower more people. conscripts by birth.

Biometric attendance

NADRA has developed a robust and reliable biometric participation framework that records all attendances and seasons / vacations and generates easy-to-understand web-based reports for board review. The NADRA Biometric Attendance System provides mechanized time and attendance controls that are designed to reward representatives and, in addition, the association.

Numerous online reports and email alerts can be generated showing all incidents, forms and information required. NADRA’s biometric attendance system works in an ideal world with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool, but at the same time is good with some other representative database. These filtering devices are also used by numerous foundations and organizations.

The data revolution

The explosion in the volume of data, the speed at which information is created, the number of data producers, the spread of information, and the amount of things that have information about which there is information stemming from new advances, such as cell phones and the Internet. things and from different sources, for example, subjective data, information created by citizens, and information about perception.

Information is the soul of core leadership and the rough and gross material for responsibility. Without fantastic information, giving the right data on the right things at the perfect time, developing, monitoring, and evaluating successful approaches is relatively unthinkable. Recently, mechanical improvements and political campaigning have turned this situation upside down. Information now flows as a deep and vast stream, is low cost and rests on a solid foundation, and is becoming more open and accessible.

An ongoing information disorder is currently changing the way education is created, business is run, and administration is authorized, and it raises numerous questions around intelligence, defense, security, profiling, social organization, and innovation licensing rights. In contrast to the propaganda and arrogance on the part of many media and business, Data Revolution provides a concise and basic exploration of the evolving information scene. Available in style, the book provides: and in addition raises numerous questions regarding intelligence, defense, security, profiling, social organization, and innovation licensing rights.

In contrast to the propaganda and arrogance on the part of many media and business, Data Revolution provides a concise and basic exploration of the evolving information scene. Available in style, the book provides: and in addition raises numerous questions regarding intelligence, defense, security, profiling, social organization, and innovation licensing rights. In contrast to the propaganda and arrogance on the part of many media and business, Data Revolution provides a concise and basic exploration of the evolving information scene. Available in style, the book gives:

  1. A synoptic overview of big data, open data and data infrastructures.
  2. An introduction to conceptual thinking about data, data infrastructures, data analytics, and data markets.
  3. A critical discussion of the technical flaws, social, political and ethical implications of the data revolution.
  4. Analyzing the implications of the data revolution for academic, business and government practice.

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has become more recognized around the world for its achievements in responding to identity, e-administration and security reports that reflect the multifaceted goals of fighting fraud, protecting customer interests and encouraging people to share. Top-down Research and Development has made NADRA a pioneer in the areas of software integration, data warehouse and networking infrastructure.

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