Different Views on Social Networks

Views surrounding social media are pretty mixed between most people. Older generations typically lean on the negative impact of social media than younger people. The experiences people have vary from person to person at all ages. A lot of ways someone would go through something negative on social media would be directly correlated to bullying. Others say there is a disconnect from society or being isolated from real-world interactions could be a possibility because of social media’s use. Also, most people relate highly active social media users to being distracted from schoolwork, jobs, or daily life.

Social media‘s impact on people today is more harmful than it is good in a variety of ways. One reason for my belief as to why social but it does more harm than good is associated with bullying. As social media expand rapidly more and more cases of online bullying are happening.

A very serious issue amongst teens is that nearly “43% of kids have been bullied online.

One in for has had it happened more than once”(DoSomething.org). Further going into the issues of cyberbullying it is physically and emotionally harmful to teens or anyone who experiences it. A reason for it being an important topic in today’s society is due to the growth of social media and the impact that it has had. At first, it was thought that you would be able to go home to get away from the stress, but now things can be transferred from the classroom to your own home.

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Bullying from social media is also been known to take place in the workplace as well. A study showed that “10.7%” of men were being bullied online, and “all victims of time bowling also experience face-to-face bullying”(Carmel Privitera And Marilyn Anne Campbell). So as most people can see it is not as simple as it seems to get away from bullying as it can take place online on social media. The harm social media causes are not only from bullying but from an actual disconnect with other individuals or society. In connection with social media’s harms disconnecting from society is just as harmful as anything else.

Issues that many people have in the world can be hidden from others a lot easier. Trouble looms for those who use social media frequently as some “researchers have found that people use multiple social media platforms report more symptoms of anxiety and depression”(sax). Health risks are also factors in the dangerous habits of social media. A type of social isolation or depending on social networks cause many different risks to occur, and a study concluded: “individuals who were socially isolated at increased risk of mortality by cardiovascular disease, accident, or suicide”(sax). As suggested a very socially isolated person can come at the risk of many health risks not only physical but mental as well. Aside from the distance, we put between ourselves and society due to social media another issue is a distraction from other responsibilities we face every day. In addition to bullying, and a disconnect from society people face many distractions on social media which take away from everyday responsibilities. Smartphones and other devices used for social media are big factors as to why distractions in classrooms are more frequent. A survey of American college students done with 675 students showed “20.9% of class time” was used for “non-class purposes”(McCoy). Suggesting that social media is a reason for being distracted from school would not be hard to believe due to the survey. Furthermore, the distraction does not stop in the classroom and goes into regular everyday activities. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of teen car accidents as well as one of the leading causes of death in teens. However, some people still believe there is more good than harm in using social media and other aspects.

Does social media do more good than harm argue that it is easy to connect with people all over the world? They would mention the lack of communication back in the days of no Internet however, we should be warier of what we try to connect with especially since there are predators, scammers, drug dealers, etc. There also led to believe that it is an easier way to start a business venture or expand. On the other hand, others may bring your business down with faults or negative reviews, especially from people who have never used your business products or services. I have stated my reasons as to why social media does more harm than good. Reasons for being bullied at all ages and in any type of environment. A disconnect from society or social isolation. Last but not least distraction from everyday life. Now you should be looking at how often social media distract you or how much time you spend on social media sites and determine how healthy it is for yourself.

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