Company Offers and Content on Company Social Networks

Social media manager job is not just about posting/commenting/promoting the company offers, and content to a company’s social media channels. This job has become a complex and has different aspects / scope to help the business to achieve the best results. This job role is not that works independently or in an isolated environment. I have been noticing this job demand spans so many levels and these people work under big people like CEO. They’re also responsible for systematically evaluating the results of the marketing efforts of theirs and tweaking the marketing strategy of theirs as needed.

While merely recognizing that list of tasks and responsibilities as quite thorough should make the need for a social media manager apparent, the next list of causes should focus on that.

According to my research about this job role, educational requirements are a minimum of bachelor’s degree in lieu of having some experience as social/digital/content media marketing. These requirements are not just including but not compulsory to have.

Must be aware of computer operating environment like windows, Linux. Familiarity with web application dashboards (GUI). Creative thinking is a plus. Skill set includes a good content writer, designing the graphical pages. Providing good UX to the user on the company websites. Staying up to date technologies and social media websites and channels. Understanding of search engine Operation like google.

Irrespective to the field of a work domain, we all need a backup for what we are doing especially freelancers need to make sure they are storing the data in their back up devices.

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You never know when your clients going to come back and say hey, I need changes/modifications on what you did. There are few back-up strategies in the market. In my experience depending on the size of the data I would prefer the way of back-up. I have USB stick, External hard drive and cloud storage as my back-up options.

USB sticks are very smaller in size easy to carry and convenient to use but at the same time high chance of losing. Even though these are cheap but sometimes you will get some problems writing /reading the data can be virus effected. As the name says External hard drives are like out side your computer that means we can connect to any other devices. Little larger in size but cost is like little expensive than a USB stick again depending on the size. These hard drives can easily malware like easy of loosing files. Coming to the cloud storage which is my favorite way of back-up, you can build your own cloud server or there are huge number of different cloud providers like amazon, I cloud, Dropbox, OneDrive. Here you will have to pay what you sed for. These storage systems are automated. They give you some sort of storage for free after that they will ll charge per the size. But the only thing you will need is internet all the time.

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