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Some people think there’s positivity into it, while others think of the negative side of it . It has an impact on human communication. Social media become the easiest way for people to communicate instead of face-to-face interaction, giving users a chance to express themselves, promoting the development of business and social relationships, and exposing users to current events. Social media makes it easy for people to communicate and interact with each other anytime anywhere in the world. People can stay connected to their families and loved ones no matter how far they are from each other.

Social media has made communication a lot easier than ever before. Now, with a touch of a button, people could communicate with anybody anywhere in the world. Websites such as Facebook make communication with others an easy task.

Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Skype allow people to share photos, post comments and view people’s personal information. Currently, social media plays a big role in my life because I use the apps like facebook, WhatsApp and twitter to communicate with my family because most of them are out of states and some of them are in Haiti.

I use all them on a daily basis because it’s the best way to communicate with the family members who live in haiti, it’s quicker and easier to use Facebook video calls and twitter group messages, instead of using my cell monthly roaming plan where AT&T which is my cell company would end up charging me at at least 200 dollars extra for that.

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Facebook and Twitter also expose people to current events, on Facebook feeds they post links to insightful news websites like CNN and FOX news. They’re resourceful websites that people can use to find important information that can be helpful in real life. They keep people updates with things going on around the world, it’s important to click on these links whenever they pop up on the facebook feeds. Twitter on their search bars they post all twenty news top trends about all current events from global news to local news. For me, there is a lot of ways the internet is useful not only to communicate with friends and family but also there’s a beneficial way to use it, it is a source for a lot of different things like learning, job searches.

Learning sources like google, college website help people to get online school, online schooling basically means you learn at your own space and time as long you submit all the assignments on time. For job searches people can use websites like Snagajob, ZipRecruiter and indeed they posted all the jobs by location. People can upload their resumes for them apply. For me, there is also the bad side of the internet because like cyberbullying which is something I’ve experienced, it was a bad thing to endure. Due to my experience with cyberbullying, it made me really afraid to post anything online. Every time I am going to post something I end up thinking about all the negative comments like people calling me fat, ugly and make fun of my accent. There are some people who doesn’t know how to use it in positive a way , they go online to bully people and post mean things.

Social Media has brought everything I have ever imagined closer to me, from my favorites public figures to even exchanging words with them. As a room full of different people with different thoughts, It helps me recognize when to stay quiet and when to take action, a lesson that took me time to learn in real life, because we are always surrounded with the same people almost every day, with the same energy. Meanwhile, it’s a different energy every time on social media with different recent topics from all over the world. As a professional, my self-confidence has empowered, because successful and powerful people from all over the world are spreading motivations messages and let you know everything is possible as long as you don’t stop every time you feel like to.

You can find professional help from the different community and even get a better job than your actual one is possible as long as you keep improving your skills on what yo do best. The best thing is I found my fiancée and soon to be my husband on social media as well. It’s a powerful tool for humanity and a really dangerous one at the same time, depending on the use we chose to make of it. Based on my view, I think social media is evolving for the best way. Some people just need to know the best way to use it being netiquette. Use it for all the positivity there’s to it, like communication with friends and family out of states, online education for a better future which is so important having a college will benefit people in a lot of way, especially with getting a better job. Which lead to the use of using it for job searches and where most jobs required a college education as part of people resumes and slo for news update to be informed about what’s going local and around of the world.

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