Reaction Paper About Social Phenomenon

Bryn and Lie, 2007) With the advancements In technology, social media platforms can now be used as an avenue for people to stay connected within the society, which allows them to form social solidarity. Hence, people are switching from activities like reading, which do not make them feel anchored in the society to those that allows them to stay connected with others virtually even when they are physically alone. This would help in forming a stable and cohesive society, especially now that everyone can stay updated with any recent happenings and react accordingly.

Essay Example on Social Phenomenon

However, an individual can get addicted to the use of social media, affecting his schedule due to lack of time management. Work is not done within the required timeshare, which becomes a private trouble of the individual, who now needs to worry about managing his time well between social media and work. There is intricate link between an individual’s lifestyle and the circumstances of a society, as mentioned by Mills (1997).

Even though addiction to social media can be regarded as a private trouble. If there Is a substantial amount of people who have this problem, It can become a public issue.

The decrease in productivity during work due to social media will affect the economy and is not just subjected to the problems of an individual. Thus, private troubles can lead to the manifestation of public issues. Not only is the values of an individual threatened, but the social structure is also negatively influenced which may lead to uneasiness, affecting our sense of well- being.

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Such phenomenon can also be explained by Mar’s theory. According to Marx, he primacy motivation for productive castles was the pursuit of profit. (Bolton et al. 2002) Game developers and advertisers would see social media as a quick way to gain profits, especially due to the low costs of production in engaging consumers through social media. Therefore, they would come up with ways to appeal to consumers by introducing addictive games or interesting videos on these platforms, keeping them captivated and wasting even more time. Despite this resulting in rational goals such as Improving productivity and greater quality of life being improvised, producers are willing to sacrifice them to maximize profits.

They may feel that they are making rational choices, but in actual fact, these producers are behaving in an irrational manner. Hence, even though the increasingly common usage of social media can help in forming social solidarity, individuals must be disciplined managing their time on the social media. Too much time spent on social media due to the enticement of games by profit-maximizing producers can lead to ten social structure Dealing affected when puddle Issues sat Bibliography rot to Arles.

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Reaction Paper About Social Phenomenon
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