President Speech: Avoiding Cheating In The Education System

Dear citizens, it being the case that I am running for the president, I feel it only proper to listen and relate to the issues and debates over one of our greatest systems in the country: Education. Education has been and will be a major system in this country and we are grateful to be able to provide this with the future of this country, the youth. For the past hundred years, humans have been coming up with new ideas and technological advances that help everybody in many ways.

Now in today’s world, technology is being included and used in many schools and educational systems through our nation, receiving both opposition and support from our citizens which caused a major debate over this system, and I am here to address this situation.

The start of technology use in education was a spark to major debates about this topic. “Students can easily get distracted by social media and video games while using technology in the classrooms.

” I agree! Technology could be a major distraction source in classrooms, due to the entertaining components of the internet. However, this problem could be easily stopped. There are numerous digital applications that could avoid students from getting on certain websites and only allow them to open up educational websites. That way, the students has a smaller chance to get distracted from the classroom.

“Technology makes cheating simpler for students during tests and quizzes.” I also agree with our citizens claiming that cheating is easier with technology in classrooms.

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When a student is using his or her laptop to take a test, the teacher could never exactly know whether or not the student has all the information written on a document in the laptop or is searching up the answers to the questions. However, there is several ways to stop cheating through technology on the tests. An administrator is able to always check the activities of the students on their laptops and monitor their actions. One solution is to have an administer in the school to monitor the students’ actions and their screens online and whenever they see a student cheating, they can stop him/her. Another way to stop the students from cheating is through applications on their computers. There are some applications that have the ability to limit what a student is able to do on the computer during a test or a quiz. Given these solutions to student distraction and cheating, there is no other negative side about the use of the technology in education.

There are much more significant positive sides about the use of technology in education that we need to take into consideration. Technology is able to make the teaching process much easier while creating a faster and easier way for the students to learn. A student is able to use technology anytime to find new information and definitions, making it easier for the teachers to go over the materials because the students are able to search up anything that do not understand. This makes learning easier for the students because the internet is full of data that students are able to look at and learn from anytime they wish to do so.

But the benefits of technology are not only for the humans, but it is for our planet and environment too. Daily, millions of trees are cut down to produce huge amounts of paper. The use of paper is higher than ever with so many schools around the world and our tree population is decreasing at a scary fast rate. Schools use huge amounts of paper daily and that is turning our planet into a planet without any trees left. The monster inside human minds cuts down all these trees thinking only about the present, and not the future. If we were thinking about one hundred years from now, we would’ve used less than half of our current use of paper. Trees play key roles in our planet, and they are being ignored by millions of people nationwide because all they care about is themselves, and not the future of this country. Trees help our environment stay looking beautiful. Trees help in filtering the air. Trees are homes to many animals. Trees … . The list goes on forever, however, a few people care about them. We can all join together to put a stop to huge amounts of paper usage, and that is by welcoming technology in our education systems. Use of computers and iPads in schools not only allows students to have a better learning experience, it also saves paper by allowing the teachers to put their notes online for the students to use instead of printing out thousands of copies for each student. Also, technology allows the students to do and submit their homework online, which saves paper because their homework is not on paper anymore.

If I get elected as the president of all you citizens, I have big plans towards the use of technology in education. If I become the president, I will increase the national funds for education by 30% to allow our schools nationwide to purchase all the materials needed for the classrooms and students to start using technology in the classrooms. I also will help the schools by getting a company to develop an application to avoid students from getting distracted by social media and online video games in the classroom and an application to stop the students from cheating on the tests. The use of technology in education won’t be a problem anymore if I become the president, and we all, as a nation, will enjoy the positive effect of this system.

I truly hope all of you consider these things before casting your vote. Before making a decision that prove to be “no distracted learning and no cheating” , or living in a planet with no oxygen and education. 

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