Cheating Is A Bad Habit

Wrong Cheating is wrong in many ways and is unfair to those who to achieve the grade they strive for. Also cheating students pass with the grade but not with the knowledge that the other students do, they undermine the value of knowledge. Cheating is also a betrayal of trust between the student teacher relationship, after the incident of being caught cheating the student will no longer have the teachers trust.

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Cheating overall is a bad href=”https://syracusecoe.

org/the-effectiveness-of-study-habits/” data-wpel-link=”external” rel=”nofollow”>habit and a disgusting trait in a student that wishes to strive for greatness. Cheating is lying it is lying to your teachers and yourself, you’re a showing your teachers the depth of knowledge that isn’t really there. Your teacher can not teach you if you are not showing her what you need to be taught. Cheating in all honesty does not help anyone at all, it lessens the need for you to study and actually learn something.

Your creating bad habits that will cause you to go nowhere in life. If you do not get into the rhythm of studying and actually working for your results then life will only get harder from here on out. Cheating Is also wrong and unfair to the abundance of students who spend endless nights working hard for their grades whilst you decide to cheat and give yourself the grade you did not deserve.

You get the convenience of dong half the work while others strive for their results like they should.

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Along with the dishonestly and the lack of knowledge that you are receiving from cheating It is also disrespectful and rude to your teacher ho takes the time to teach you these thing Just so you can go and cheat. It Is also breaking the trust that you once had with your teacher. Cheating Is a horrible habit and Is a nasty trait that should be put to rest.

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Cheating Is A Bad Habit
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