Cheating culture

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Cheating is happening in our government and grade schools, as well as colleges, and it affects a lot of different aspects of our daily lives. Anyone can search the Internet and find hundreds of companies who will write a paper for someone. It seems that cheating Is easier and more accessible than finding the Information needed for a paper. With all the government and other public figures cheating and not getting any real punishment, It portrays the Image that cheating Is okay.

How are we to be an honest society, when we live in a dishonest world It has come a dog eat dog world one is only as good as their possessions and how much money they have. It has been embedded in our brains that we have to be the best, even if it means we have to cheat to achieve it. Cheating is a taught behavior that has serious consequences that impact our children’s future. I feel that we live in a society where cheating has become a very big problem everywhere.

Cheating is as American as apple pie, or so it seems that way.

Cheating is everywhere it should not be including our government. The government Is made up of officials who represent our country and the people In it. If there Is cheating In our government, what does that say about our country How do other countries view It and what It stands for One good example of cheating In our government Is Bill Clinton saying did not have sexual relations with that woman in the video David Callahan talks about the Cheating Culture on CBS Morning News.

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His punishment for cheating was impeachment with a life time salary pay of much more than most people make in a life time. This is a great example of how a person of power and the right connections can cheat when they feel like it, and get no serious punishment. I feel this is a huge issue because it shows our society that cheating is okay, and most will not get any punishment at all. Many schools across America are cheating on the state SAT scores. They take the test answers from the students and correct them before sending them off.

In the video Test Cheating Scandal Rocks Atlanta Schools they stated that 40th of 56 schools cheated. This Is a huge Issue because even the people who teach our youth are showing them that cheating Is okay to get higher scores, more grant money, or higher pay. The children and the future of our nation should be taught to achieve high scores by learning the proper information with which to answer the questions correctly, instead of cheating. Unfortunately some teachers are showing them how to be dishonest and to cheat to get ahead in life.

Teachers are paid to teach our children not to cheat. Granted, there is a No Child Left Behind law, but even with that we can not expect our future leaders to be knowledgeable, if they are cheating their way through grade school. How do they punish kids for doing something they are taught to do by the people they look up to and trust to teach them the information they need to know in school What about when they get into college and they have papers to write and do not know where to start.

Cheating In college has become a huge Issue when It comes to writing papers -When a student attends college and gets their first real set of homework, they realize the pressures of keeping a good GAP, but still want to malting a social life. They may come upon a solution In wanly teeny realize teeny nave a lot AT work Owe ten next clay. Remember that a fellow student told them about a website which offers to write a paper for them for the right price.

This Just shows how cheating is promoted in all school levels. In 21st Century College Cheating David Mir did an interview with a man named Deed. His real identity was kept private. He wrote papers for different education levels from doctors to high school students. Deed stated he made 2000. 00 off of a one hundred and seventy-five page paper. That is a lot of money to pay someone to do a paper This example shows that if they have the right amount of money, they can cheat their way through anything in life.

I feel this is a big problem because a doctor may cheat their way through college, and their accuracy and Judgment to treat a serious illness or give the right dose of medication may be impaired. The pressures of being number one and having the best are tough to ignore, as well as the pressure o keep a good GAP being very stressful. Being a college student myself, I know all to well the pressure of good grade, especially when the foot work of doing the research work for a paper and studying for a test can be very time consuming and tiring.

I feel that knowing I earned that A on my own without cheating is more rewarding and more satisfying than if I had paid money I worked hard for to someone else to do it for me. The risk of cheating is too high. Having my papers written by some stranger that I do not know if they know how to write a good enough paper for me to obtain a decent grade. Cheating is a huge problem that seems to be second nature to today’s society.

They are teaching the future leaders to cheat, lie and steal to get ahead in life, as well teaching them to be dishonest from grade school through to college. They have become so used to the act of cheating that they do not give it a second thought to cheat. Even the most trustworthy people of this country have become some of the biggest cheaters and set a poor example for society showing that cheating is okay as long as they have the right amount of money or the right connections they can get away with it…

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