Cheating in Sports Scenarios and Issues

Week 3 The topic that I am researching is “Cheating in Sports”, from illegal drugs use, gambling, to federal indictments, NASCAR, all types and its impact economically and socially on society. Because millions and millions of dollars are won and lost in the world of sports, as well as the social impact it has with the public/society. So the questions that come to mind are, why do we care and identify with our teams so much? What is the appeal, what do we find so admirable about winning in a sporting game? Where do we draw the line when it comes to cheating in sports?

Why as a society do we place such a high emphasis on winning in sports! Narrative Hook #1 – Is society’s obsession with winning jeopardizing the integrity of sports? This hook draws readers in and creates interest because it immediately captures their attention by asking the reader to consider societies role in possibly jeopardizing sports integrity.

Readers can relate because every society in the world has some type of sports team, either, locally, or nationally they relate to, from the young to the old.

Also, the majority of most people are not, were not athletes or involved in sports as a profession or employment or even at the amateur and recreational level. Most people (society) are fans of a particular sport and follow it, whether closely or as a casual interest. Narrative Hook#2 – Who is to blame, the athlete, the sport, the public for the wide spread cheating in sports? This hook draws and captures readers’ interest because it now specifically looks at several possibilities to consider and that most people will fit into.

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Depending on their own personal position, as an athlete, or former, involved in a sport as an employee, recreationally, or just a fan, they can relate on a personal level as it pertains to cheating in sports. I ask though, who is to blame, the athlete? How do you tell a young kid who’s family has been living in poverty, and has the chance to earn millions and change their lives by taking a little blue, white, pill that will give him a competitive advantage and possibly make that dream come true!

When millions upon millions are at stake, a Super Bowl, a World Series and your team has the tapes of the opposing teams plays, or the signals of the pitcher, and it can mean the difference of being crowned the victor or not, what stops you, the coach, owner, to not cross that line, or should we say who stops you? That World Series winning home run, or that kick-off returning touchdown to win the Super Bowl, or that last round knockout by the underdog to win the match for the championship, what if you found out they all were the result of cheating? Would it make a difference, or would it not?

Week 4 Significance of the purpose statement is multifaceted. It is to provide the goal or intended outcome of a study (in this scenario). Sets the objective, based on the need or problem and then particular or specific questions are developed (research questions) focusing on a single concept (phenomenon) or idea. The overall intent of this grounded theory study is to understand the ethical and economic impact that cheating in sports has on athletes and society. This will focus on exploring the experience of the fans (society), individual athletes and sports organizations.

Conducted with individual interviews via phone or in person, at sporting events, sports organization, both professional, collegiate, high school, and recreational in the Charlotte and surrounding region, as well as various internet sites. At this stage in the research, the impact that cheating has in sports will generally be defines as the economic gain and the short term ethical effects on society and athlete. Fellow classmates, as I worked on developing my purpose statement, my challenge was what and how to narrow down to a single phenomenon.

There is much to consider! I am trying to connect the dots of a few things. How cheating by some athlete effects the ethics of others to cheat, when they can see the competitive gain and possible financial as well! Then there are the fans, society, and how it impacts them, and their perspective of the individual athletes, their specific team and finally the sports organizations! As I stated last week, to the fans, does it make a difference, if their favorite athlete was caught, or their team? Is the problem with the athlete, or is it with us?

In the reading it does state, that in a qualitative study, “advance a single phenomenon, recognizing that the study may develop into an exploration of relationships or comparisons among ideas”. So, I ask your help, should I just state, that my single phenomenon is maybe just the ethical aspects of cheating, or just the economical and additionally, should I focus on just one specific group, the athlete, society, sports organizations or leave as is with the thought that as stated above it will develop into other relationships or comparisons that can be expounded on in the research?

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Cheating in Sports Scenarios and Issues
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