The Sports Injuries and the College Student Sports Health Insurance Options

Fractured vertebrae, broken jaw, and many injuries like this can instantly put a stellar athlete’s career to an end. College student-athletes are affected worse than professionals because of their waiting and promising futures Since they are not paid during college, their expectations of becoming a professional player are in jeopardy. They are at risk of losing the opportunity to realize their career goal. Injuries to great college athletes cause them to lose their future careers and any money they were expecting and counting on receiving.

A simple way to solve this is for the NCAA to pay college players. In college sports, the coaches, management, trainers, TV channels, and the college itself are all making money with these sports. Everyone involved is being paid except the people actually playing. In fact, the highest-paid public employee in more than 75% of states is a college coach (Gains).

If we could sacrifice some of the massive salaries given to coaches and athletic directors, schools would be able to pay their players.

On another note, the average American full-time job is 40 hours a week, and the average college athlete has over 43 hours per week dedicated to their sport; this is a full-time job (ListLand). If an athlete is this dedicated to their sport because they’re planning to be paid in the future, why should they not be paid now. when the amount of time spent on this sport is more than a full-time job requires. If the NFL and the NBA didn’t require a year in college.

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this problem wouldn‘t exist. Some athletes are able to play professional basketball for 20 years or more which is next to impossible if you attend college. Most players who play up to 20 years, like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett, are drafted directly after high school which is not permitted anymore.

Professional teams used to be allowed to draft players directly out of high school, however, now the NBA requires one year and the NFL requires three years of college before they are allowed to enter the draft. There is clearly an upside to this, being the student is furthering their education, but the downside can be much worse and not worth it for the athlete in the end. If a high school athlete is good enough to enter a professional sport, they know their future career will be playing this sport. However, they now have to play college sports for some time which can ruin their career with, in their eyes, little to no benefits. If they are good enough to go straight to the pros and get paid accordingly, while in college, they run the risk of suffering a major injury which could hinder or destroy any chance they had of making the money they planned on.

If the years in college weren‘t required, athletes‘ money would not be taken from them by an injury suffered in a pointless year of sport. A completely new way to draft and recruit NFL and NBA players could solve this problem if implemented. Since these organizations really want players to attend college, they should be able to use a draft pick on a player coming out of high school, and pay them as a future player while they‘re still in college. This way the needs of both parties are being addressed, as the player attends college like the pro team wants, and the college athlete is being paid deservingly as a professional while still attending school. Then after their required years in college, the player is already a part of the team who drafted them and can play professionally with that team. Now if the player gets injured in college, instead of never playing the sport again and never being paid as an athlete, they still receive their guaranteed money as if they were in the pros.

Implementing any of these ideas would solve the problem of collegiate sports ruining athletes’ professional careers. College athletes should be paid by the NCAA which is very possible if coaches’ salaries were partly diminished. If that doesn’t work or people have a problem with it. the athlete‘s future sport could pay them while they‘re in their one or three years of school. If good enough, they should never be college athletes in the first place because, to them, college years are useless if they are expecting to play professionally directly out of high school. The goal these star college athletes possess could be cut short after suffering a career-ending injury. This issue can be fixed, as all that needs to be done is address this problem and make people aware of how these athletes’ futures are being ruined by devastating injuries.

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