Mainstream Cheating

Article “Cheating is now mainstream in America”

Cheating Mainstream


Article “Cheating is now mainstream in America”

Cheating in America has taken a different toll on the lives of those affected. It was socially acceptable to cheat in taxation, on highways and lines. However, this has changed today; people are cheating in their personal lives. During the days of our ancestors, the youth were very respectful to grown-ups and each other. Edward Morrissey (2012) asserts that “the generation of “I’m ok, you’re ok” has stronger ties to moral relativism than to moral fortitude”.

This means that young people today do not value the importance of transparency and openness in life.

Cheating has become so rampant that examinations for college admittance have been constricted. Many students pay ‘experts’ to sit for these exams on their behalf. These ‘experts’ are also alias ‘ringers’ and it is purported that the parents of these students pay for such services. This scheme has been on going for a while as more blow average students were enrolled into prestigious colleges.

This of course denies the students who are worthy of the admissions into these high-status colleges a chance to live their dreams.

The new system of testing by use of photo identification is a brilliant method of curbing cheating however, it does not put to shame those caught cheating. Those found guilty should be punished and made to realize their mistakes. This humiliation will perhaps teach them a lesson or two about cheating. There is also the possibility of these students developing new ideas of getting around the new method to work to their advantage.

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What these students choose to ignore is the fact that as much as they have ‘earned’ their admittance in to Ivy League colleges, it is a continuous struggle to stay in these colleges as you have to keep your grades high, which is a concept these students do not understand.

Cheating is not only done in academics, spousal cheating is increasing becoming popular. It has become a common phenomenon in families and relationships. Cases of spousal infidelity are not new today. Unfaithfulness has been around since before civilization and with the invention of the internet, it has become easier, cheaper and discrete. A good example is the Ashley Madison website, which offers its married clients the chance to cheat on their partners with other married people on the same site.

In conclusion, cheating was witnessed in the Bible and the old days, but modern man has turned it into an industry. The stability of families and communities depended upon collective responsibility, but that is not the case today. The systems that guided people long ago have since perished, or maybe we are simply ignoring them. Moral relativism is what dictates the direction of our everyday lives because we do not like being judged over other people’s actions. This judgment is only acceptable if directly affects or touches our personal lives. Therefore, we should complain about the extent to which cheating in exams and marriages have developed.


Morrissey, E. (2012). Shameless! Cheating Is Now Mainstream in America. The Fiscal Times. 1-2.

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