Cheating is now mainstream in America

Tax fraud on highways and highways was socially acceptable. However, today this has changed: people cheat in their personal lives. In the days of our ancestors, young people were very respectful of adults and each other. Edward Morrissey (2012) argues that “the ‘I’m okay, you’re okay’ generation has stronger ties to moral relativism than moral fortitude.” This means that young people today do not appreciate the importance of transparency and openness in life.

Fraud has become common as college entrance exams have been cut.

Many students pay “experts” to take these exams on their behalf. These “experts” are also called “callers”. This scheme is to improve the effectiveness of training. This, of course, deprives students worthy of admission to these prestigious colleges of the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

The new photo-ID testing system is an excellent anti-fraud method, but it does not shame those found to be fraudulent. The perpetrators must be punished and made to realize their mistakes.

This humiliation will perhaps teach them a lesson or two about deception. These also have the opportunity to develop new ideas for new working methods to their advantage. These students ignore the fact that they are doing everything they can to get them to go to college. is a concept these students do not understand.

Cheating is not limited to academia; spousal cheating is becoming more and more popular. It has become commonplace in families and relationships. Cases of adultery are not new today. Infidelity existed even before the advent of civilization, and with the invention it became simpler, cheaper and more invisible.

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Ashley Madison’s website is a good example.

In conclusion, deception was witnessed in the Bible and turned it into the old days, but modern man turned it into an industry. The stability of families and communities depends on collective responsibility, but this is not the case today. The systems that ruled people a long time ago have since perished, or maybe we just ignore them. Moral relativism focuses on our daily life because we don’t like being judged by the actions of other people. This judgment is only acceptable if it is exercised through our personal lives. Therefore, we should complain about how common exam and marriage fraud is.


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Cheating is now mainstream in America
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