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The Play of Habit and Cabal – by HISS The script of Habit and Cabal – by HISS Presenter: Sulfanilamide and welcome to the play of Habit and Cabal. Before the scene is set, we would Just like to thank you all for coming and mention that any good from this play Is from Allah STW and any mistakes or wrong-doings is from ourselves and we ask Allah to forgive us and make light to us our mistakes, Install. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy the play (Presenter walks off.

Narrators walk on, each on separate sides of stage) Narrator 1: Once upon a time; Adam, peace be upon him, and his wife Haw, may Allah be pleased with her, were residing In Earth, when one day Haw gave birth to their first children, a set of twins. It was a happy day and both parents loved their children dearly. The young boy was named Cabal. (Enter young Cabal and twin sister 1, start playing together on stage) Narrator 2: Soon after, Haw gave birth to her second set of twins and like before It was a young boy and girl.

The boy was named Habit, (Enter young Habit and twin sister 2, start playing together with young Cabal and sister on stage) Narrator 1: (pause before reading this line, let young ones play and laugh a bit) They ere a very happy family who enjoyed the beautiful fruits and luxuries that Allah STW had blessed them with and thus the children grew up to be young strong and healthy.

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(Young kids walk off stage, big Habit (with sheep) and Cabal enter. Habit look after sheep, Cabal sort through grains) Narrator 2: Cabal would till the land while Habit would raise the cattle.

Narrator 1 : As time went by the young boys reached an age where they desired lifelong partners. Allah STW revealed to Adam BUY to instruct the boys to marry the twin sister of their brother. (Sheep walk off) n smiling and stands next to Habit) is much more beautiful than yours! (Point to ugly twin sister who walks on offended) Ugly twin sister: What did you say to me? (With sass) Cabal: This is unfair, I’m going to talk to father about this!! (All twins walk off stage, Cabal walks off angrily while pretty twin sister runs after him saying…

Pretty twin sister: Cabal wait, it’s not that bad! Cabal! … Habit and ugly twin sister leave, Habit putting arm over his sister and looks like he’s reassuring her) Narrator 2: Adam BUY was in a dilemma as he wanted to keep peace in the family UT did not want to disobey Allah Set’s command. So like in any tough situations, the Prophet invoked Allah STW for guidance. Narrator 1: It was revealed that both brothers had to offer a sacrifice for Allah STW and whose ever was accepted had right on their side. (Cabal and Habit (with sheep) enter from different sides of stage and face back to back.

Presenter put orange sheet on stage) Habit: I’m going to give my best sheep! (Smiles and puts sheep in place) Cabal: I don’t care what I give, I’m Just going to give this rotting grain. All my work will e gone if I give my best grain, Eve worked too hard and put too much time and effort into my work Just to give it away! (Cabal and Habit leave stage, while sheep pulls orange sheet [represents fire consuming it] over him then leaves stage) Narrator 2: A fire descended and consumed Habit’s sacrifice thus Allah STW had accepted Habit’s sheep leaving Cabal’s rotting sacrifice as it was.

Narrator 1: Adam BUY knew it was Habit’s sincere kind offering that would be the one accepted but Cabal became very angry confronting his father, demanding that Habit’s was only accepted because he thought Adam BUY had only prayed for Habit and not for himself. He promised his father to settle the matter between himself and his brother, but this was to have serious consequences. (Presenter remove grain from stage and put stone on stage. Habit and Cabal enter Cabal: Your sacrifice was accepted and mine was not, that’s so unfair!! Daddy’s little boy always gets everything.

I work all day tilling the land, sweating and you merely stand around watching cattle! You are always favored, you get to go out late at night hunting but I’d never be allowed to! You don’t deserve any of that and you certainly don’t deserve my sister, only I do!! So for that I will surely kill you so that you will not marry my sister! Habit: Verily, Allah accepts only from those who are pious. If you do stretch your hand against me to kill me, I shall never stretch my hand against you to kill you, for I fear Allah; the Lord of all that exists.

Verily I intend to let you draw my sin on yourself as well as yours, then you will be one of the dwellers of the Fire, and that is the recompense for the wrong-doers. (Cabal picks up a stone and eyes Habit for a couple of seconds. Cabal then throws stone at Habit who lets out a cry as he falls to the ground. Cabal smiles and runs off stage) Narrator 2: Cabal the first murderer of mankind and Habit the first martyr of mankind. (Habit crawl offstage taking stone with him) Narrator 1: After some time, Adam BUY started looking for Habit as he was getting worried for he had not seen his beloved son for a long time.

He asked Cabal who impudently replied that he was not his brother’s keeper nor his protector. From this, Adam BUY knew what had happened and grieved that he had lost both his sons. Lost Cabal to Bills and lost Habit in death. Narrator 2: Adam BUY, a great Prophet continued spreading the message throughout his children and grandchildren despite this tragic incident, warning his children of Bills, giving this story as an example of the cruelness and deviousness of Bills.

Narrator 1 : Meanwhile, Cabal was facing the consequences of his terrible crime. (Cabal enter dragging Habit. Place Habit in middle of stage and looking regretful starts pacing up and down stage) Cabal: Eve been traveling for days with this corpse on my back, yet still I do not know where to hide it, and on top of all this, the stench of this body is becoming more and ore unbearable! Oh what have I done! (Cabal falls to his knees in despair. Presenter put brown cloth on stage. Two crows letting out a crow.

Crow 1 than uses her foot and wings to pretend to dig and then buries Crow 2 (puts brown cloth of Crow 2) then flies of Cabal: (standing up) Woe to me! Am I not even able to be as this crow and to hide the dead body of my brother? (Crow 2 crawls off stage leaving cloth. Cabal begins to bury… Doing as crows did… Then puts cloth over Habit) Narrator 2: Sending the crows was a mercy of Allah STW despite what Cabal had done ND thus showed Cabal how to hide the body of his brother therefore releasing one of his many burdens.

This shows that Allah’s mercy always remains, but it is up to the individual to run towards it and ask for forgiveness. (Cabal runs offstage. Habit crawls off taking cloth with him) Narrator 1: Unfortunately, Cabal did not run towards the mercy of Allah and instead ran far away from his family. He still believed that what he did was correct and continued to suffer from the whisperings of Bills. Presenter: Thank you for watching. We hope you enjoyed watching this play as much as we enjoyed performing it. END

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Habit and Cabal: HISS Play
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