President Rodrigo Duterte Speech

On the 26th day of February last 2018, President Rodrigo Duterte delivered a speech about the inauguration of the Armscor Shooting Range Davao Branch in Davao City. The president’s speech drawn laughter to the audience, brought violence to women and stated to be vulgar, sexist and misogynist according to the Women’s Group of Gabriela in which acted and raise their flags to speak up with regards the said speech or remarks of the president. We are insensible of the things we say thus we make foul things and violate humanity.

The idea of the speech is revolving about the president ordering his troops not to kill women but rather shoot them in their genitals instead. During his speech, he kept on repeating the word vagina though it is been censored from an official Palace transcript, replaced simply with a dash claimed by some articles.

Whatever it may seem, it is already recorded and drawn laughter to everybody. The thing here was, first, it is a Public speaking.

Be aware and conscious of who may be able to watch and hear it. Second, not all things is a joke nor something that should be laugh about and lastly, be sensible of the actions we do and with the words that we say. The phrases, lines and words that come out at President Duterte’s mouth added as a problem on the society instead of being focus of what is happening in the inauguration of the Armscor Shooting Range in Davao. Group of women and individuals raised their flags and fought for what they know is right and just.

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The secretary-general of Women’s group Gabriela said, Women here and abroad are totally disgusted at this latest sick attack on women who oppose his policies. This only confirms he is a sexist and fascist dictator who does not deserve the respected position of a President. Considering that he is a President, he should be a role model to his countrymen and should present his personality to everyone not just here in the Philippines but all over the world that He, is a president and should be acting accordingly by being responsible not by just his actions but also with the words he is saying.

After the rants and angry disposition of the majority, the President’s remark about what he says shoot in the vagina should not be taken literally according to him. Gabriela Rep. Arlene Brosas standpoint about it was, Whether taken literally or not, Duterte’s shoot in the vagina remark is a glaring proof of his macho-fascist mindset, and constitutes a flamboyant seal of approval to what were otherwise barbaric acts that the AFP used to conceal or keep secret. We advise him to take the anger of vaginas, women and the nation literally and seriously. This should be an eye-opener not just to the president but for the whole nation that there are things that should be taken seriously or not. Things are just easy to say and we become insensible thus we make foul things and violate humanity. To conclude this, the speech violated women and the president become insensible of what he said. Emily Rauhala once said, Duterte’s presidency has thus far been defined by violence – and often violently misogynistic language. We should never let them take away the respect we needed. The thought that the president that says, If there is no vagina, it would be useless. implies that women are useless without our genitals. Whether things should be taken literally or not be careful because we do not know how different types of people react or think and how it affects them.

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