Avoiding Tech Addiction in Teens and Young Adults

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The purpose of this documentary is to promote the learning of why we need to avoid technological addiction in teens and young adults, and its adverse effects. The point of view of this documentary is a voice over narrator filling in the gaps between interviews with statistics and contextualization. We will incorporate all the appeals by performing interviews with people who are addicted to technology. Through these interviews the counterargument will take form as many people are in denial of their addiction and the effect it has on their body.

With this and additionally statistics, the logos and ethos of our argument will take form. Pathos will take form through the music and the narration throughout the film. We will incorporate rhetorical strategies by providing statistics to promote the logos and ethos aspect of the argument. Interviews will be used to promote the pathos side of the argument, as we talk with people who are victims to technological addiction.

A serious and dramatic tone will be used because of the importance of this situation.

Music and cinematic techniques will help our purpose by adding strong emotion in the audience. The documentary will begin with a background of how technology has come about and the rise of the usage in the last decade. It will continue into interviews of asking people if they feel this way and if addiction is real to them. Then we will provide statistics to show them and the audience the truth behind the argument. The daily lives and the effect will provide the middle part of the film’s footage and conclude with a summary and how their addiction can be cured.

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The film will present a strong argument while also telling the story of a couple of victims and how they may change or continue with their current lifestyle.

The tone of this documentary will be very assertive and serious and the music will help advance this tone throughout the film. The music in the film will be instrumentals, primarily piano pieces, that add a dramatic tone during any animations or clips without talking. This will further our purpose by making the audience feel emotion and the seriousness of the subject. We plan to use my professional techniques of cinematography such as not looking at the cameras during the interviews and having enough lighting in every scene. Additionally, added scenes of the public to show our argument in effect will help advance our purpose. We will execute this by looking at other films and see how they utilize these skills effectively.

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