Pets are people too…… But not as much So

Pets are people too…….. But not as much!

So no one told you, life was gonna be this way, your job’s a joke, you’re broke

Your love life’s D.O.A

It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear, when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month

Or even your year, but

(I’ll be there for you)

When the rain starts to pour

(I’ll be there for you)

Like I’ve been there before

(I’ll be there for you)

Cause you’re there for me too.

I bet you started humming these previous lines as the toon of friends theme song found its way into your head. A nostalgic feeling sneaks down your skin. You begin to feel a yearning for those times. The times when friendship and companionship were simple and valued not like now in this cruel, complicated fast-paced and busy world.

But also I bet if you are reading this in the comfort of your bed with your furry four legged pal playing around you, you will look at it and smile, that kind of smile and that kind of look that only your pet can bring out of you.

Because that is what your pet is to you. The whole embodiment of the sentence “I’ll be there for you”

Owning a pet grants you with the affection and support you need and expect from close friends and family members without any obligations in return. Pets don’t ask much from you, that’s why I said pets are people too… but not as much as they don’t require you to cut some of your free time to go to some boring family gatherings, they don’t demand you to sit and listen to their problems for hours as human friends do, they don’t expect you to middle in their lives and give some sort of advice to fix them.

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Humans hate to eat the same meal repetitively or if you take them to the same restaurant, but a pet eats the same meal over and over again its whole life and still jumps with excitement and looks at you with the cutest googly eyes as soon it sees you coming with a bowl in your hands.

Your existence is enough to make your pet’s days brighter.

A pet has the power to change your life and give it some sort of meaning, it can elevate your personality as several researches showed that pet owners exhibit and share several desirable personal traits. They tend to be more extroverted, less fearful and more responsible. Also, pet owners are more likely to have a stronger self-esteem than people who don’t own pets.

Pets not only have the ability to put a smile on our lips when we see them goofing around, but also they can fulfill us on an emotional level. They fill our hearts with content, our minds with satisfaction and our stomachs with butterflies as whenever we do good deeds towards other living things, we usually feel better about ourselves. After a difficult day at work, a pet owner quite literally feel the love after seeing the looks of excitement on his furry friend. I don’t think you can find a human being to share this kind of relationship and these feelings with.

Pets offer us so much, so they deserve our care and respect. They can do all that for us but the question here is what we can do for them? How should we return this unconditional love we are given?

Whether you’re an experienced cat owner or thinking of buying a puppy, we all need some advice from time to time.

Here are some tips you need to know to keep your pet healthy and happy

Properly caring for a pet starts with having the right perspective. Pet ownership should not feel like an obligation you have to make. It’s certainly a commitment towards that beautiful creature but it’s a sweet commitment. Pet ownership should feel like a fun experience for both of you. Pets, like humans need food, water, and shelter in order to survive. Yet, they also need love, nurturing and physical maintenance in order to flourish, just like a flower that needs to be treated with delicate hands. Providing these things is the key to keep your pet safe and healthy and builds the pillars of a long, happy life with your pet.

Proper Nutrition

A healthy, balanced diet is an essential part of basic pet care. Before you spend your money on random pet food, research the food companies and try to go with the ones who vow to use high-quality ingredients instead of fillers. Then, choose the best diet for your pet to enjoy. Make sure the food is fresh and the bowl is clean and never, never feed your pet chocolate as this can make it very ill.

Just like humans, pets need water for their survival. Make sure the bowl of water is always fresh and clean for any and all animals in your care! Make it reachable, try to place it near their food bowl, and remember to refill it at least two times a day. This will keep them cool, hydrated, and healthy!

If you have water pets, like fish and turtles, make sure to clean their aquariums at least once a week. If not cleaned properly, this may lead to smelly tanks and sick pets.

A Space of Its Own

You should dedicate an area of the house for your pet as its own space, such as a kennel, crate, or bed. This teaches your pet to have respect for its space and, in turn, yours. Establish some boundaries and rules around the house and enforce them, divide your house into permissible and non-permissible areas, and the most important thing is that you don’t give in to your pet’s cute googly pleading eyes.

Some pets live indoors and others outdoors, so make sure your pet’s shelter protects it from bad weather and provides them with safety from larger animals.

Physical Maintenance

Regular exercise and preventive veterinary care plays a major role in keeping your pet in a good health. Establish an exercise regime, even if it’s just a walk around the block once a day. Exercise can be a walk, a game, a run on the beach or a discovery trek in your local area. This is essential for your pet to stay in shape and burn off extra energy. You can also exercise with your pet and make it a fun time for you too.

Regularly scheduled visits to the veterinarian is a must to check-up on your pet in order to anticipate any potential problems and treat them before your pet actually shows signs of illness.

To keep your fluffy fur ball pretty and clean, basic grooming is a necessity, such as bathing and nail trimming, No matter how hard your cat would fight you, bath it. Some breeds of dogs may even need regular haircuts. Try to have a grooming system and stick with it.

Finally love

This is the most important ingredient in this formula. Just like us, pets like to feel loved. Shower them with kisses, try to hug them as much as you can. Take good care of your pet. They offer you the taste of how well this world can be and to them, you are their entire world.

My notes:

I chose the friends reference for a reason. You mentioned the target audience is +45 age group so when that show aired they were probably in their twenties at the prime of their youth and that show was a huge hit back then so they probably have certain memories related to it. And I tried to build on that and arouse those memories to be more relatable to the readers.

I tried to use the first and second paragraph to break the ice and establish a personal connection with the readers that’s why I tried to paint a picture of their status as they are reading this blog post

For the following paragraphs before I get to the main goal of this blog post “needs of pets”, I tried to focus on the importance of pets in the lives of their owners and how the owners gain so much emotionally and physically from raising their pets and I used this approach so that naturally they will be more responsive when I talk about the needs of their pets and what owners can do for them

I spent about 8 hours in this blog post

4 hours to research. 1 hour to gather and arrange my thoughts and choosing the angle I’m gonna use for it and 3 hours of actual writing

There is an extra hour for finding the plagiarized parts in the blog and altering them.


The essential needs of pets part

The human-pet relationship part

These are the studies I mentioned

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