Parents Put Too Much Pressure on Their Kids to Succeed

The bright tones of room 108 were meant to strike creativity within Mrs. Roswell’s students. There were 20 desks in total, each had a plastic name tag on it. There was also an alphabet carpet that was made up of different shades of the rainbow. Mrs. Rosewells class commonly placed #1 in the second grader’s division, she believed it was from her great teaching skills yet, her students disagreed, they believe it all because of one student, their classmate, Maddie. Many people thought she was a genius.

She thought she was a genius too. One day, the students had a math checkup. Though Maddie was good at math, she still struggled, she received out of 6/10. Her parents told her it was okay, and that as long as she tried her hardest, she did a good job. Maddie smiled and went on with her day.

The hallways emptied as the students went in their assigned classroom. Now, Maddie was now a six grader.

She was still smart, but now, on an average level currently, her specialty was in English. She usually received 95’s and above. Though in math, she struggled a lot, despite that she remembers what her parents always told her. Which was, as long as she tried her hardest she did a good job. So when she received an 82 on a test she smiled because she tried her hardest, “also, this is a good grade” she thought. Maddie looked to the kid next to her, He received a 86. “You did a good job,” she said.

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The young boy looked at Maddie, with disgust on his face. He chuckled, “Good, I did good? My parents told me this is a dumb person’s grade” he carped.”But at least you tried your hardest” Maddie responded. He looked at Maddie then, crumbled up his paper and violently and threw it in the recycling bin. Then got up, asked the teacher to go to the bathroom and left. “Maybe trying your hardest isn’t the best,” she thought. Matured, Maddie was now an eleventh grader. She excelled in English and was put in AP classes for it too. She had received numerous awards for her writing skills, and she even got chosen to be placed in a national writing competition, then, came in second place, English was her strong suit. Yet, in math, she still struggled. Her parents told her to study harder, and she needs to get her grades up. “You can’t get into a good college with a B- as your math grade” Her mother would tell her. “What happened to if I try my best I did a good job?” She thought. Maddie that day received her math test back. An 87 was written in green ink on top of her paper, She was satisfied. When Maddie got home, then she shared the good news with her parents, But instead of praise, she got yelled at. “If you think this is good you will never get by in life.” her dad said. “I told you to study, what the heck is this? Why aren’t you more like your brother” her mother said. Maddie frowned, ran to her room and cried.

Parents who focus more on their child’s academic and athletic achievements can cause their child to be prone to conditions such as depression, anxiety, lower self-esteem, stress, and behavior problems. The paradox is that with these conditions the child’s grades or their overall amount of achievements will start to decrease, because of the worsening state of health that the child is put in. (-The Effects of Grades on Students.) Yet[]the results aren’t surprising, between the homework, certain class placements( Advanced Placement classes), sports practices, extracurricular activities like music and student government, and SAT prep, many kids have little to no downtime. (-3 Reasons Grades are Bad for Education)Today It’s more competitive than ever to get into college, and even more so if it is high ranking. So, it’s necessary for students who wish to apply to the most pretentious schools like Brown, Yale, and Harvard, to present the strongest possible portfolio. Like having a high GPA, great SAT scores, participating in College Prep Courses, and more. By the beginning of high school to the end, so much stress and pressure are put on students, by their parents and teachers. (-ALEXANDRA OSSOLA). By placing these pressures on children, is it guaranteed that they will get good grades?. Or is it based on the student themselves, to (really) push themselves to get good grades?.

Oprah was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Her parents were unmarried and separated (stopped living together) soon after she was born. Oprah had a challenging childhood. She was impoverished and often had to dress in potato sacks, because of this she was frequently mocked at school. From the age of 14, she started to live with her father. She remembers him as a strict person, but that could’ve been because she was in her teenage years and was constantly disobedient. Though Oprah lived in a run-down area with a low literacy rate, she still had high marks in school and was exceptional at sports. Because of this, she was given a full four-year scholarship to a university in Boston, where she would study human physiology and journalism. After working her way through college, she became more interested in journalism and media and laned her first job as a news anchor for a local TV station. Oprah’s “emotional style” did not fit well for the news program, so she was transferred to a daytime program. After Sarah had taken over, the daily chat show took off, and this later led to her own program, The Oprah Winfrey Show. Today, Oprah Winfrey’s income is 5.7 million dollars, Per a Week. Moreover 27.8 million, per month. Overall, she has a yearly salary of 300 million dollars.

Though Oprah’s father was strict, he did not care much about grades, neither did her mom. They (mainly the father) were more concerned with her staying alive since the area they lived in wasn’t too safe. Regarding the fact that kids in her neighborhood and at school would bully her, she didn’t play with anyone. So, she would fill her time with studying and focusing on her grades.

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