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Should Parents Let Their Child Make Their Own Decisions Paper

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Should teenagers be allowed to make their own decisions?

When parents expect teens to take on adult responsibilities without treating them as adults, it’s unethical. By ignoring their complaints on society, you shut your teen out from you, resulting in them shutting you out. Most parents think that teenagers aren’t old enough to think farther. Therefore, they always make decisions for their teenage children. This may affect teenagers’ futures because they will become dependent on their parents and they will not be able to make their own decisions correctly. They will neither have their own goals nor ambitions because everything in their lives is made up and decided by their parents.

Why Should Parents Let Their Child Make Their Own Decisions

They end up not knowing how to deal with responsibilities as they grow up. They will not have proper decision making skills because their parents or others were making decision for them. A teenager has access to their own mind and is better aware of their skills, interests, personality, limitations, and other factors. Some of these things are difficult or perhaps impossible to communicate with people who don’t understand. Teens need to learn some things for themselves. Better they learn it in high school than have to learn the lesson in far less forgiving atmospheres.

When a teenager deals with the own responsibilities and mistakes they make wiser decisions because they know it comes with consequences. Like people say the only way I’m going to learn is if I do it on my own. Mistakes give us endurance, gives us strength to prepare for other things. So the best way for an individual to learn is to learn on their own. This also enhances their sense of responsibility. Parents should not attack for stifling creativity in their children because it will leads to inability to make momentous decision in their future life.

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Older teenagers should be able to make their own decisions, while parents can assist them, with the intention of preventing their offspring from making costly mistakes. Present your older children with the highest esteem: tell them you have faith they will do the right thing. Such a compliment to their psyche convinces them of their grown-up status, and lays the moral burden on their own shoulders. It reinforces children of their value to society and to themselves. Thus teenagers should be allowed to choose and make their own decisions, but with the clear guidance of their parents.

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