Let Them Make Their Own Choices

The younger generation want a voice in our politics, but should there be an age restriction? Yes, there should be. People who arent legal adults shouldn’t be able to choose the future of their country. The human brain isnt fully developed until age 25, kids don’t know enough about politics, and their choices are heavily based off of what they hear and read from others. In a reach study that took place at the University of Rochester Medical Center showed that the human brain isn’t develop until the age of 25.

All of our skills arent fully developed. Teenage and adult brains are wired differently. Teenagers arent mature and mentally stable enough to handle the task of being able to vote. Teenagers should focus on school and not be worried about adult reponsiviltys.

Kids don’t know enough about politcs. Most kids dont really even care about politics. We dont want careless teens to choose who runs our country. They will think someone is “cool” and vote for them.

According to The New York Times, a study showed that kids dont understand the simple structure of the U.S. government. Kids dont know the names of the current U.S. Senators. What is taught in school is mostly based on the history of out government, not our current goveremnt.

People’s choices are heavily based on what they hear and read from others. Social media is a big part of our everday lives and according to the Pew Research Center about 68% of people get their news online.

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False information is always on put the news. News outlets don’t care to put both sides of the story on the news. They put on whatever they think sounds good to them. Unfornautily, alor of people fall for their lies. People dont care to do their research and understand the situation. Also, our choices are based on what they hear. Parents can easily influence their kids decisions without lettinf them make their own choices. This is called the “ Tricling Effect”.

16 Year olds do not pay taxs and arent legal adults so they should not be able to vote. Their brains arent fully developed until the age of 25. Kid dont know very much about politics and dont care of it. Also, their choices are heavily based off of only what they hear and read online. The voting age should stay the same. If something isnt broken dont try to fix it.

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