I’ve read about kids who hate their parents for being alcoholics I’ve

I’ve read about kids who hate their parents for being alcoholics. I’ve never understood that. It’d be like hating a wounded animal for being wounded, which makes no sense at all. Lots of times my dad made me mad, lots of times he left me alone and lonely, but I never once hated him, not even when he was at his rock-bottom worst, not even when I thought he was both a coward and a drunk (Deuker 1).

Runner is a novel that tells the story of Chance Taylor.

A senior in highschool that is forced to live on edge because of the poor choices of his father, and the disappearance of his mother. Being on the verge of losing his boat, his home, he hesitantly takes a possibly dangerous, and sketchy offer from the manager of the utility room. The novel tells an unfortunate story, and

Chance is a very lonely boy, and prefers to work alone, which is shown through his actions and interactions with other characters.

For an example, Chance just gets straight to the point in the beginning of the novel, he does not like communicating with others much,”I didn’t say a word in any of my morning classes: I just sat in the back and kept my mouth shut..I was one of the ghost-walkers in the school,”(Deuker 4). Not only does he move and do things on his own, he chooses not to speak or form bonds with anyone. Even when he does seem to get close to someone, he is hesitant to accept help or be open with them.

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Take Melissa as an example, she clearly cares about him and wants to help, but Chance has trouble accepting her help and talking to her about anything for that matter. On page 54, she tells Chance that her family is willing to help them, since Chance and Melissa’s fathers were best friends when they were younger, “‘My dad wanted me to tell you that if you or your dad ever need any help, he-’ ‘Melissa,’ I said cutting her off, ‘we don’t need your help,’”(Deuker 54). He pushes her away before she can finish, which is understandable in a way. Most folks do not like it when people feel sorry for them, but that does not make it right. No one can fix everything on their own, it is okay to get help sometimes, but Chance has a hard time grasping that concept even by the end of the story, (Deuker 215-216). Chance is isolated from start to finish, and chooses not to do anything about it. The center of the book, the main character, has no one to really talk to besides his dad

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