The Price to Pay for Wanting Too Much Power

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The Price for Power

Man’s place in the edifice of time has been marked with several wonderful things. A few examples of these relatively modern marvels would be fine arts, preserved artifacts, and advanced tools for medical purposes. However, beyond the silver lining is a truth that so many disregard. In the world, there is a constant struggle for power among a diverse collection of people in this world. Because of the infinite amount of beliefs, scientific principles, and sociological ideas, there is an ongoing disconnect between social groups.

Ever since the beginning of man’s existence, disagreements have plagued the progress of humanity. Based on the evidence from the text of the Greek tragedy Antigone, it can be seen that the pursuit of power does not come without consequences and these consequences are heavily infused with tragedy. Often, these consequences include the loss of a relationship, the loss of innocent life, and the loss of one’s moral code.

In the case of Antigone, she grew up in a family whose only major concern was power. Since her father Oedipus’ reign, discontent has long been a driving force behind this family’s life choices. As a result of these issues, the relationships between the members of this royal family have deteriorated much. So much so that the remaining sons of Oedipus betrayed one another and defeated each other during battle. This caused an even larger issue when Antigone made the bold decision to give one of her brothers a proper burial.

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Of course, this was against her uncle Creon’s wishes. Antigone went against Creon by informing her sister Ismene that “if I have to die for this pure crime, I am content, for I shall rest beside him;/ His love will answer mine” (lines 72-74). As a result of different individuals having opposing viewpoints, the fine fabric between a seemingly close family was cut.

During some struggles of power, so many individuals with no involvement end up losing their lives. War would be one of the greatest examples of this cruel reality. The purpose of war is to remove power from one concentrated group to the next. In several instances, the innocent civilians of these war-riddled locations are directly attacked. Antigone chose to end her life in an attempt to escape the oppressive nature of her uncle Creon. Antigone stated, “Sister, forbear, or I shall hate thee soon, and the dead man will hate thee too, with cause. say I am mad and give my madness rein to wreck itself; the worst that can befall is but to die an honorable death” (92-96). In a sense, Antigone lost her life because of the foolish actions of her brothers, as well as the despotic nature of her uncle Creon.

As powerful groups progress in their activities, there is a change of disposition for the figureheads of these organizations. In the tragic story Antigone, the official leader Creon makes several irrational decrees. Creon’s mental state has devolved so that he can cater to his basic pleasures of himself. This can be seen when he allows his family members to kill themselves.

Overall, the world is a complicated place but one thing is for certain. To gain power, a great price must be paid.

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