Too Much Punch For Judy

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The play is about two girls from Essex that like to go out drinking and to clubs. Then they meet two men named Bob and Nob, they are of the box characters, and are up for anything. Then they are all drunk and Jo and Judy decide to go home, and not sure who should drive, and their giving their reasons on who should drive, then they reach a decision on who should drive and Judy gets the keys from her younger sister.

They get in the car and drive past two policemen Pc Carter and PC Abraham.

They then crash a short while after, and a young man Duncan gets out and runs across to the crash scene to see if he can help, he decides to ring the police and put some shoes on.

The police get on the radio and start to make their way to the crash scene. Meanwhile Duncan gets Judy out from the car and she starts to make signs of recovery. At this point the police car comes round the corner and PC Abraham runs over to Jo who is dead and Pc carter checks for a pulse. PC Abraham then takes off his jacket to cover her, then goes to get a fire extinguisher.

What Is Judy’s Main Thesis In The Essay

He then comes back on with two people who carry Jo off.

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The two policemen go to Vic’s house that is Jo and Judys mum, no one answered, so they came away. Later that day PC Carter gets hold of Vi at her house, and speaks to her about her daughter

At this time Nurse Davis is speaking to Judy about her health and her sister, PC Carter takes Vi (Judy’s mother) to go to see her in hospital; they speak to each other about what happened and are they ok? Judy does a soliloquy to back before the accident (flashback) and everything’s the same, but this time instead of talking, about whose going to drive, Judy tells Jo to ring for a cab, So this way the crash was prevented.


Lucy portrayed the character of Judy who is in her early twenties, I think Lucy could relate to this character well, because she is 18 and can do all these different things that Judy can do.

So I think it was more reality for her, she played the part of Judy really well, she was able to get emotional at points in the play, and she had to tell the story like a narrator. There were a few parts that did not go too well, this was because of technical difficulty, like the timing of music, which was not her fault. But the timing with her speaking on her own, and with Carly was spot on and you could not fault it.

Carly portrayed the character, so who was Judy’s younger sister, Carly acted so naive, and was looking up to Judy, Just like a younger sister would. The timing between Curly and Lucy was really good and effective. Curly also showed that they were not just sisters but were best friends, As well. When Carly done a scene where she dies before the crash, she shouts a line “Judy slow down a bit”. I think that this line was really effective and will stay in the audience minds.

Charlotte portrayed the character of Vi, who is Judy’s and Jo’s mother, Charlotte showed real emotion and more people in the audience cry, where she speaks to Judy for the first time, since the crash. It seemed to be real, and she took on the role of the mother who was caring and strong, but still needed help and wanted this accidence to put her and her daughter Judy closer together.

Bradley took on the role of Bob who is about 18 and he has no responsibilities. He just wanted to go out and go wild. Bradley rook on this role really well, because he is good at speaking to people and in the play has got to chat some one up. That made it really funny. Also he had to lead the lines between him and Matt, which is more responsibility. His acting techniques like timing, tableaux’s and projection was good and everyone in the audience could see what he was doing clearly the whole time.

Matt portrayed the character of nob. He is basically the same as bob but more, if he has not got bob, He will feel he’s got nothing. He is bobs sidekick, Matt played this character well, because eh was replaces and enjoyed being Nob, this helped because it gave it some energy which finished off on Bradley. The only thing that could need an improvement is his articulating with his words top makes it a bit clearer.

Lauren played Duncan, but we changed it to be a female part instead. Lauren is only really in one section, but she does most of the speaking in this part. Lauren tells the story and she says that she did not want to involved, and you could see this from her face and body language. But she did not want to be there. Also most of there lines were spoken to the audience, and she was telling it like she was there, and not telling it like she was telling how it was.

Emma portrayed the character of Nurse Davis. Emma’s showed that she could be caring and was only interest in her patients. She also showed from her character that she thought she knew that should be done and that she was using delaying tactics, to stop Judy from worrying. Emma’s voice was warm and affectionate, just like a Nurse’s voice should be.

Elliot portrayed the character of the Pc Cater, he weans a local police constable and a friend of Judy’s family, Elliot was good at body language, with the way he walked, and acted responsible. Elliot’s timing was also very good and showed affection towards the family of Judy. You could tell that in his voice, that he cared for the family, and was a friend in the way he spoke to them.

Ben portrayed the characters of Pc Abraham and Pete, Pete is the man what had a baby with Judy and were married at seventeen. All I had to do for this character was walk normal towards Judy with a baby, give the baby to Judy, look at her and walk back off. which was really simple. PC Abraham I had to change by body language, and walk slowly with my hands behind my back, and speak a bit slower. This w3as to give the audience the impact of it being serious, Most of my lines were spoken to the audience, as a whole, I had to show as my character that I understand what was going on, and to tell the audience sort of in bullet points what happened, and Why you should drink and drive.


There was one movement piece, I like and will remember best, and it was Jo and Judy at the start, they are talking about getting ready to go out, and they act to the words, that are being said, and together, and it looked like a mirror image, because the timing was really good. This made the scene even better, Miss Kitsou made Carly stand on one side and Lucy the other for a part of it, and if I were in the audience, I would not know which way to look. And this will add the effect of the rush to get ready.


We used most of the space that was provided, but the whole point of the play was to be simple but effective, we used a lot of the space in the crash scene, this is because of different characters walking off, each side and walking from side to side. |In this scene we cover a lot of the space because of all the congestion. Nut it was controlled congestion. We made it look like we need the space, we used, and not just used if for the sake of it.

Body Language.

The body language from all the characters was good, but one character showed more of it, and I felt it was Elliot,

This was because eh he showed that he had some authority and that he is calm and focussed, as the character, also when he was caring when Jusy is in the wheelchair, he showed that he was comforting her. This stood out for me, because of the authority he showed during the play.

Facial Expressions

I could see that every expression on their characters faces, looked real. Judy showed that they were having a laugh and are relaxed by smiling and raising her eyebrows, this made it really clearly. Charlotte showed when she was shocked and you could see that she did not understand and was shocked at what was being said. Everyone showed how their characters should of reacted with their facial expressions.


In conclusion to this, there’s always something to learn, and I think this one is, if you take a big risk you are more likely to come out much, much worse. The play as a whole went well, but at the very end where we say the facts, a few people stumbled at their lines, I think this was because they had switched off, and thought it was over before it was.

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