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A restaurant is a type of business which focuses on cooking food and serving drinks to its clients.

Generally, restaurants are specialized in the cooking of complicated dishes which can not be prepared easily at home. Today a restaurant is a serious business which can bring high profit. On the other hand, it can be additional option of big hotel and other business, because every serious company has a firm restaurant which supports the main business with the additional income. The first restaurants appeared hundreds years ago.

China is known to be the motherland of the first restaurants which were established more than 1500 years ago and specialized on the cooking of the definite dishes. Restaurants in their common understanding appeared in Europe approximately 300 years ago and since that time they have become popular all over the world and lost their primary function of having a drink or a meal, because a restaurant is a symbol of meeting and private conversation.

Restaurant Research Paper

There are several types of restaurants which are classified according to the quality of service and quantity of the clients they can satisfy.

There are VIP-restaurants which serve extremely expensive and unique dishes often using unique ingredients combining the meal with top-quality service.

Middle-class restaurants offer more standards choice of dishes, convenient atmosphere but for more affordable price. There are also the restaurants of the first class or fast food restaurants which offer standard dishes, low prices and self-service; this type of restaurants is popular among busy young people.

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Primarily, a restaurant is an establishment where one can have a meal and spend time positively, that is why a student who wants to research the problem deeper should try to prepare a successful restaurant research proposal in order to gain the permission to investigate the chosen topic profoundly. A good research proposal should persuade the professor that the topic is worth his attention, so one is supposed to explain the reason of the choice, the purpose of the research, its value and relevance. One should provide a rich list of literature review and methodology which can demonstrate his desire to research the topic professionally. A student can try to create his own ideal image of a restaurant in order to impress the professor.

With the help of the Internet the process of research proposal writing can become easier and more productive. It is possible to find a well-analyzed free example research proposal on restaurant and understand how to compose the paper correctly. Moreover, one can improve his knowledge on the topic and format of the paper just having looked through one of the successful free sample research proposals on restaurant prepared by an expert.

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