Research Proposal on Organizational Development

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Organizational development is the complex of efforts and methods which are applied for the improvement of the process of production, the company’s development and reaching to the aimed goals. Every company has the aim to develop its work, improve the productiveness and qualification of its employees and increase its profit considerably. It is obvious that many efforts have to be taken to improve the company’s effectiveness and the team of the experienced managers and executives work hard to brainstorm the useful strategies which would persuade the labor force to work better and more effective.

Organizational development is quite a wide issue which embraces the knowledge on psychology, economics and management. Every expert who brainstorms the chosen developmental strategy has to be a real professional in management and human psychology. This knowledge is valuable, because one has to know about the methods of convincing, encouragement, moral supporting, etc.

The manager has to be able to find the personal approach towards every employee in order to make his feel convenient, respected and praised.

The manager has to do everything to create the right healthy working atmosphere which would increase the employees’ effectiveness and productiveness. An organization is a special environment which serves for employees not just like the source of profit but the environment of self-development and self-improvement. The employee’s occupation is the place where he can develop and train his hidden skills, learn something new, apply his theoretic knowledge on practice, etc. Finally, the organization is the environment which provides employees with the opportunity of the dynamic career growth due to their activity, talents and valuable knowledge.

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Organizational development can be called a serious topic for observation, because the student is able to learn about the secrets and rules of the development of every organization and probably suggest his own ones and present them in his persuasive research proposal. The young professional can prepare a personal approach towards the analysis of the issue on organizational development choosing the most disturbing points and aspects of the problem. It is wise to choose a few important questions for the research and observe them in the proposal using the right methods and techniques of research. Finally, one should evaluate the topic objectively and share the sources used for writing with the professor.

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